Conquest Mode

I’m sorry, Gala, but I have to “wander too far” on this one. The conquest mode sounds like the war and…nothing else. There is only one difference and that’s that you can scout. So, a few questions. Will this take the place of wars? If so, you are once again destroying anybody’s want of making a new alliance. If not, then we will have 3 wars every month lol. My next question is, will we get rewards for winning the Conquest War thing? Final question, will there be any kind of special new thing for attacking in this mode, cause if not, it’ll basically just be another war…but, a longer one

Of course, some of these may be answered next week, but I’m just really stunned after reading that “Dev Diary”

I think its too much earlier to talk about anything. Wait 4.0 come out and we all a fun conversation after. I think people will ask a lots of stuffs after

According to these “watchtower” and worker they mentioned, this seems more like a strategy RTS game thing.

Where it seems we need to build to conquer?

I don’t think it will be that similar to the War Season, but let’s wait to see.

I’m more worried about this part:


So, this means that lower to mid-level alliances will have no part in this?

I’m sorry Flare, if I like being in a small group.

I just lost all the hype I had with this  :slightly_frowning_face:

I think conquest mode sound like web game Travian where we have to traveling to raid to another empty land that have resource and to another player resource land to take over their base except this time we have to do it as a group.

As there will be a lot of event, some players will abandon something (they will choose to not participate). I think war alliance that have problem so far need change and if flare can’t change it’s system in this time, they can at least reduce time from 5 days to 3 days because imo it become really boring event.


There’s some complaint regarding too many existence of the alliances in this game-new alliance show up everyday and some of player who doesn’t have an alliance. I think this new update will minimalize it. Of course that will happen IF this mode really interesting to the point become worth for players want to participate.


With all the alliance resources needed to pay for conquest its hard to see war continuing… unless they really want more annoyed ppl.


Betaalde delen: pro league 4x maand

Conquest-modus: 9 dagen / maand als 20 betalende leden


Gratis onderdelen: oorlogen 2x per maand?

Ninja 2x maand?


Zie eerst hoe kostbaar participatie verovering mode zal zijn,

Maar het zal heel intensief zijn om voor de betalende spelers te spelen

In de hoop dat het niet betalen van allianties alleen bestaat uit in de toekomst warmaps te vullen, zal coz diff groter en groter worden

Maar kijk eerst wat de veroveringsmodus zal zijn :

als er geen groot verschil is: niet de moeite waard om te betalen

als groot verschil: einde van de meest vrije spelersalliantie

alleen de grote vraag: kan alleen de mensen betalen om deel te nemen aan de veroveringsmodus hier, van alle leden van de alliantie @GalaMorgane

Zal voor veel alliances verschil uitmaken

Andere vraag: is er een limietdatum om te abonneren op veroveringsmodus en zijn kaarten na die datum verdeeld. Of is het gewoon, toen u 20 leden bereikte, bent u in de kaart geplaatst? Wanneer bondgenoot op de kaart wordt gezet met VL, tikt Roaring of Mustika, is het vrijwel zeker dat je geld voor niets hebt uitgegeven


They better release the update : this only cause more confusion, and asking more and more question.

Can new players be attracted by this, or need they still playing game for more than a year to have good bases/equipment

What if only 19 members are participating : money back or lost money, or will there be list where members can intend their participation and only when 20 on that list you loose your money

What about the maps : when you are in same map with VL todes Roaring mustika  you know in front you played that month for nothing


Think lot think abouts for flare to keep this game attractive.  Their money ressources depends on it.

When too  little diff, few people will spent money on it,  when too  much diff, lot players can leave the game

And i guess the game needs a certain number of players to make sure you haven’t to fight week after week the same persons

If this was to replace wars, I’m not sure it’d be such a bad thing. Nobody cares about wars anyway so it’d at least be something new to do.

On another note, as I read about discovering and capturing new things it reminded me of the Warlords series (for whatever reason), where, apart from capturing cities, you’d explore ruins to find gold, experience or monsters. If something like that would be in the game it’d make wars actually cool, though I’ve no idea how’d that work in the MMO style of this game (unless those ruins/dungeons would be open for everybody, not just first come first serve).

You know what, this mode is getting my curiosity. It definetly won’t live up to our bloated expectations (because we suddenly expect it to be basically the 2nd coming) but maybe it won’t be too bad.

Come on, that is not cause to worry at all. If an alliance doesn’t even have 20 players then it’s either too low lvl or inactive.

I think that limit could be even higher, like 25 or 30 players. That would force new players to join already existant low lvl alliances (lvl 25-35) instead of creating more and more new alliances.

I thought i heard in tutorial  conquest mode was to gather ressources for war preparation.  Maybe different way of wars, but they just calling more questions.  We have yo wait update, before we can know, how much money we need if we continue to play this game, end if lot players find worth spending money on a 4 y old game

20 active members means paying members, as conquest mode intends to be paying.  They just not  explain right what they mean with 20 active players.  Can it be unlocked with ally gold, or need members use gems/money for it.

Yeah, that’s his point as well, ARREBIMBA! Why is flare destroying any player’s want to make an alliance? 

It just means 20 members, just as current war needs 8 active members.

Your leap in logic is very far to paying members only.

Yeah, this is exactly what I concluded when I read it. Not sure where you got the whole 20 active means 20 paying, thing @Teamy

Yes, we still don’t know how the pay conquest mode is.  Played with using ally gold or each member using gems/money.

as i read it right, it is for warpreparation ally only (extra boosts) or also for individual rewards (like chests you can get now in pro league) ?  They didn’t explain that properly.

in tutorial made time ago, there was explicit mentioned conquest mode was a pay to play mode.

so do you know what they mean unlocking with 20 members, but they didn’t mentioned yet what you need after it.

i guess what i said will be true , 20 members will become finally 20 paying members or even more

as it is now with pro league, think not much allies can get max pro boosts with only 20 participating members

i hope i’m wrong, but i’m affraid 20 members will be the minimum to unlock or gather the fewest rewards

go to official announcments and look again the 5min with flare video about update 4.0

there is said : conquest mode is a ‘ p to p’ mode, i guess it would say pay to play mode

More I learn about 4.0 and Conquest Mode and more my hype drop. that smell too much P2W content this update. Hope I have wrong. Something tell me after the release of 4.0 the complain will be huge. Anyway its just my feeling I can be wrong. 2 week to wait, 2 week to know what will happen

i like to have P2W content. This game is easy for everyone - pay players, free plyers and etc.

but i dnt see the paid players complains here. Easy reason: its just a game. If you are ready to play for fun its mean you are know how is time expensive.

no need spent the time for game you dnt like. That is the main reason of my opinion- this forum is full of strange persons. Dnt spent time for game you dnt like. Dnt spent time for complains. Vote by legs) go away


If you dnt have money for your enjoy- you need work not play


I only want that flare gives direct the good information and not several dark hints you can take for the most things.  I don’t complain over this game, i just want the good information.  

I guess players who pays for it has right to good information 

maybe you are right Cromka, better not wasting time in this forum as even the developpers don’t waste time in it

For pro you need 0 people to unlock, but with 0 people not buying ticket you got 0, you need at least 8 to get lowest ally reward , 30~35 for highest 

for conquest mode you need 20 people to unlock,  hopely for the free players ally, we don’t have to make the same calculation

30 for fewest, 50 for highest

But you will get your information after update. I dnt think it will be GOOD information, but im sure we will get explanations