Conquest moving on enemy ground cost a lot of energy

Moving on enemy ground with level 2 tower cost without the -20% tech 126 energy per tile…is this normal?
It’s taking me up to more than 7 hours for the last 4 tiles to jump in a fight…this is way to long.
The tower is now level 3 and still on 126 energy…thats normal for level 3 tower.
But because of the high cost at level 2 tower ground we are losing this war because no one could jump in for hours…and now we are still struggling to get to the tower because of the high energy on level 2 tower.

Is this a bug?

Energy cost have nothing to do with tower lvl, and no I don’t think it’s a bug but more like a very well opponent tower placed^^

But it’s true with all the forest around it takes a lot of time …

Mmm…if I look at another tower level 2 placed on Forrest tile it is 90 energy to move…level 1 tower even less…so it does have to do something with the level of the towers…otherwise our map is a complete mess I guess?

In this case it is indeed a bug:/ maybe you mixed up different tiles? :thinking:

I misnamed the tiles…should be swamp tiles…but I am sure they cost 126 with a level 2 tower…nearly cost us the war…luckely we managed in the end to win.

And the cost for a swamp tile on level 2 tower ground is not correct.

Yes, moving through enemy swamps is a nightmare!
You absolutely must research movement techs to bring the energy cost down.
Otherwise moving through the swamps alone will kill your chances, because you won’t have energy left to complete your 5-8 attacks in a decent time.

I’ve faced this once like 5 Conquests ago. We had no movement techs.
We tried to attack an enemy tower surrounded by 3 swamps. Moving through those 3 swamps alone cost like 370 energy, an aditional 40 energy to get into the tower and each attack cost 70-80 energy. We had 500 energy capacity. It just wasn’t doable.

I like to think that you should try to learn something new in each Conquest. I learned the value of movement techs in that Conquest.


Mmm…i think i know that😊…we had trouble with the energy that was show…that was incorrect…and for your suggestion…we are al level 31 allie in the 6th tier…sadly we can not do al the searchs because of the costs in that tier and tjhe smalle amount of members and there fore donations…but…we are working on it👍…and managed to stay in this tier for the 3th time.
But thanxs for the reply😊