Conquest Needs to be shorter

9 days of Conquest is a little too much. I think 7 days (or as some call it: a week :stuck_out_tongue: ) would fit much better. Now alliances are fighting empty battles that don’t have any mean at all. 7 days would be fair as it would get us our rewards quicker and also prevent boredom on the last 2 days

What’s so confusing about that @KingAdityaKumar

last 24 hours, attacks cannot declared. Once the matchmaking is fixed, it might be a good event duration.

I think the only bad thing ist that we can‘t attack other alliances in the last 24h. 

Even 7 days feels quite long…

Feels bad having to wait so long just to see our efforts rewarded.

Personally, I’d prefer 5-6 days.

Grow your conquest score… Haha, so that you can have a good tier next conquest. Protect your score from getting down. It is okay, I think. Just enjoy! I am happy for the rewards of conquest but not for the ninja event,

I’m talking about the time of the event, not the conquest score

That’s what I meant. Grow your conquest score in the remaining time. It is long so that alliances at last rank can also do something when top alliances will think that they have done everything.

Conquest is only 8 days, not 9. But I’d be fine with a day less. Or even 2-3 days less on a smaller map 

I prefer huge map and more action in 5 days then small map and nothing to do in 8 days. Really hope Flare will add more scouting option. More exploration options. More interaction. More bluffing action,etc… like fight boss,find treasure,take building,build more building not just Watchtower but maybe trap. Enemy lose troops,etc… the feedback topic about Conquest give all the best idea. We will see for the 3rd one

Maybe be you like the Kingdom map