Conquest new order : attack tile

Thanks for all that new features ! Well done job to Madlen and Flare ! ?

About not allowing soldier to attack someone is a good thing if we can use another way to engage them without promote him to sergent rank.

For example, if we can use “orders attack type” to allow him to attack a tile (where there are a hero or a tower) ?

This idea can keep soldier for not attacking anywhere and also he still can’t build tower like sergent rank.

For developper, only allow this tile can be attacked again by everyone when a specific “attack order” is activated on this tile. Of course except blocked tile.

Orders attack type are given only by sergent or above or even only generals and leader. That’s avoid to make all soldier becoming sergent…

Or another possibility , like sergent and above now can mark tiles where tower can be builded, we can also let them mark tiles where it can be attacked (limit to 10 attack marker on the map to avoid beeing full of them…). Therefore sergent or above doesn’t need to specific the order for a soldier. Every member who go into this tile can engage a new battle.

Anyway that joins the 1st idea to activate an “attack option” on this tile ?

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