Conquest ranking bug?

There seem to he some alliances that stayed exactly at the same conquest rank like before the last conquest. Even though they claimed less fields in the last conquest and should have dropped. For us (Last Bread Fighters) the change in rank worked as expected. 

I know of at least two alliances that have not changed in rank: Kingsdragon and Booster Gold. Are there more? Just wondering why there is no thread about this here.

Guess this just shows the interest in conquest mode …

Hello @MagischerKoenig

I am glad that you have the results you want. obviously there are things I have not partly approve of in the conquest wars.

but I think that developers are planning a platform that is more fun for us in a certain planning. I always like to listen to the ideas of those who know. I am your strict follower. ?

BERLINER won the last Conquest but did not rank up.

Ours did not change but should have? 

Yes, it should have. Except if you reached the exact number of claimed fields corresponding to your conquest rank @Kuska

So, I was right, this seems to be a bug. In this case it is okay this thread was moved to the bug section by Madlen. Now we just need to know if Flare is also working on it.

We scored over 300 points last conquest mode, but remained unchanged in our ranking below 200 as well.

The info reads the ranking is based on last 3 conquests, so not sure if this unchanged score is intentional or a bug after just 1 conquest.

Thanks guys for noticing :grinning:

Any news? Starting in less than 24 hours …