CONQUEST: Regarding Reward Receiving

Hi… Just out of curiosity…

If a player, in middle of a conquest

  1. leaves the alliance,
  2. or gets kicked out of the alliance,
  3. or, goes inactive throughout the conquest,

then, will that player receive any sort of rewards at the end of the conquest?

No…they won’t.

even if they are only inactive?

even if they have helped alliance secure some certain amount of goods? not even those rewards ticked when they were a part of the alliance?

Conquest is 5 days and you need to stay at least 7 days out of the game to gain the inactive status.
So if your friend did help secure points it’s not possible that he gets inactive before the event ends(unless banned).

If he did connect in the middle, I think he won’t be able to see the map.

Inactive members are part of your team. When they suddenly get active again, they can participate and will also get rewards. You can see them for that reason in stronghold.
To make it more strange… When you go inactive during conquest and get active afterwards, you gain conquest rewards.

I was surprised that my youngest daughter got rewards for the conquest, which was over already for a while, don’t know if she was inactive before conquest or not.

I promised to give you info about donating conquest resources with gems @cr1. Max conquest buildings of all three resources need 157 gems to refill. 240 troops, 720 wisdom, 480 stone.

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As i remember previous of max level is 128 gems

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