Conquest Rewards for Rank 2

I just create this topic to said a big thank you to the developer of RR2 to improve the rewards in Conquest. With all the gems,gold,crystal and more.Thank you so much. This will help me in this game

in total I got :

100 gems

2,300 crystal

3400 pearls

2 Pro items

and 4 or 5 pals

I cannot demand more. Its just awesome.Thank you

PS : I talking about Rank 2 Rewards not Rank 1 Rewards. For avoiding confusion

I can’t agree with you, after 8 stressful days 100 gems and 3400 pearls are a joke… we get better rewards in the ninja events that can be easily completed in a couple of days without having to be pending of the game 24 hours… Only the pro items are better and because you were lucky. Not to mention that a lot of alliance have had really strong rivals and haven’t been able to get the highest rewards…

The rewards are not worth our efforts… We claimed 423 tiles and what we got is 1 pro chest, 1 pal chest, 1 pearl chest and 1 gem chest(containing around 100 gems)…and 30M gold(really??..30M gold is a joke). This is not at all acceptable for a 8 day event which demands a lot of stressful activity. You have to be come several times in a day. 

We need more rewards flare… We invest a lot in this mode and get penny in return. Why would our player participate in it if they don’t get what they deserve?? …1 chest of each type is a joke for 423 tiles. 

If you say we will get our rewards for this 423 tiles next time then you are just *****… We want to get rewarded for our efforts in the same war. Who the hell want to wait for another season to recieve the reward of this season???

…also where is the newly included voucher 


Some of you demand too much. Its just a game after all. Anyway if nobody like it I don’t care sorry. Its just a game and I understand it long time ago its just a game. I like it. that help me to improve my account. I don’t demand more. I am happy with this

the only think its sad however its Rank 1 obtain the same like a Rank 2. Rank 1 should get like twice the rewards for all the effort in the Conquest

Rank 1 should be

2 Blacksmith = Around 8000 pearls

2 Gems = Around 500 gems

2 Pro = A chance to get 2 or 4 Pro items and between 3k crystal and 8k crystal

2 Uber Pal = 10 pals

Rank 2

1 of each

Rank 3

not much. Less

Rank 4

close nothing

I think it’s really demotivating.


I hope you understand I talking about Rank 2 rewards? I don’t talk about Rank 1 rewards. Of course I agree Rank 1 its horrible for all the effort. Sorry I will edit my post and precise it

I guess you are disappointed because you didn’t understand the rewards system from the start…

Place 1st, 2nd, 3rd,… just determine boost that you will get (like normal war)

the chest are linked to the a certain level of points… scoring that much point higher than required is useless (I you didn’t need to put the extra effort for it) unless you want to be in higher tier… (better rewards next time but more difficult to win…)

If you understand that from the start, I don’t get why you would be disappointed…



I could not agree more.

We were in the 200-250 tiers and got around 220 at the end without stress and we ended up first.

2 pro chests, 2 BS chests, 2 gems chests and 2 pals chests is decent for us. not speaking about the 40M and having only spent around 8M for towers and researches…

Quite happy, so THANKS Flare

But the rewards are the same for everyone as long as they reach the score that is needed to unlock them, the rank only change the boosts you got. What I’m saying is that two months ago we can get around 400  gems and around 8000 pearls every two weekends playing ninjas (in 3500 - 4500 ranks) and now we got a quarter of that after playing with no rest for 8 days. Indeed the more gems we need in the game (new conquest buildings, much harder defenses, sending resources in the stronghold, etc), the less we get.

easy to understand that work like WWE Champions invasion tier. At the start you are in bronze league. Horrible rewards. If you want better you must work hard to get it. My faction always finish 1st. So now we are in silver Tier for better rewards and next time we will inventually be in Gold Tier for huge rewards.

in RR2 its the same you want better be patient and up in tier for huge rewards. People are too much impatient. You will get huge rewards depending your result. Of course if a Alliance always finish 4th or 3rd. Don’t expect to get huge rewards. You must have logic too.

If people want huge rewards finish 1st for 2 or 3 time in a row.Nothing its free in this game

I understand the reward system… They will give us reward for our current effort in next season. This is what I think wrong…why should we need to wait for reward of current score till next season ?..

Unfortunately we did not receive a fair rewards as mentioned by flares this is ridiculous i mean 8 days of intense war and my alliance secured 1st rank and what we get is 1chest each this horrible for the efforts type u put in u get much better rewards in ninja events and even in normal war events… this not cool flares not cool  .???

No, because you win big this time because you were in a easy tier… so winning big in a low tier should not have big rewards otherwise everybody will drop in low tier  and bully low alliance to get big rewards…


I think people confuse all. @GunjaVerma you got 261 points but after win a Rank 1. The rewards at 261 will be for the next one in the 3rd Conquest. Its not for the 2nd one. You were probably like us at 166 or around. Some must understand Rank and Tier how that work

You get the rewards of the tier before the 2nd Conquest not after

I think Flare needs to add in-Conquest rewards for individual efforts, similar to ninja. To be constantly active for eight days without any benefits and at the end to get an OK but not special four chests didn’t feel worth it.

but if there are little shots of endorphin during the game for number of skulls, winning wars, discovering items, I think the end rewards would seem less puddly.

Chests cost Flare nothing, nor do items. Lay them around the Conquest map for players to find and/or win and I think people will be much more positive.

they should do like WWE Champions when a events like this is active you have also personal events and must score higher for huge rewards. So faction and personal. Both. I will take screenshot to show you how personal rewards look like to give RR2 team a idea

1.Here you have the personal events active

2.You see how to get all the points

3.Here the personal rewards

so in RR2 when people do Conquest. If they score 10 points you get 20 gems,1 millions gold. 20 points 50 gems and 1 Uber chest. I don’t know really what can be the rewards in RR2 but something to push someone to be active

However I don’t know how someone can do personal rewards in RR2. in Conquest only general or leader can build Watchtower to make points. So its unfair for all the others. So I have no clue how Flare can do. Maybe give more action in Conquest. Scout person or the one who attack get points.

The real question is: why did you play as a level 76 alliance placed around #60 on the leaderboard in the 3rd tier? Of course you could run up the score there, your next try in tier 1 will probably look different. You think you will be able to repeat this if you face VL and/or Todes and/or RL? I have my doubts …

And these will probably the first to complain about matchmaking next time. Why would anyone build towers to a ridiculous 400+?

I agree something could be added, but conquest is about team-effort. And every team needs guys just sitting in an important tower for several days to defend it too. So then those wouldn’t get the extra rewards ?

Giving extra rewards for x amount of skulls scored would be a bad idea too… we really don’t need everyone declaring silly unneeded wars all the time