Conquest - rewards for soldiers and change skull's bonus in battle

For normal soldiers conquest is boring. Why? The more importance thing is bulding many towers (of course especialy next to any resource or special fields), so game is for generals/leader of alliance.

But for normal soldiers battle/wars are the best, however for win of battle alliance have nothing.

  • Any one point - why not???
  • They dont have any rewards, example for more winning battle, for big activity and discover especial fields etc.

For me problem is why in battle skull’s bonus is always 50% and isn’t dependent on defence/attack fields/towers, example:

  • if i have tower/fields with defence bonus 1.5 and enemies have attack bonus 1.0 then i should have skull’s bonus 50% but enemies skull’s bonus 0%
  • if i have tower/fields with defence bonus 1.2 and enemies have attack bonus 0.8 then i should have skull’s bonus 20% but enemies skull’s bonus -20%
  • etc For me this is more fair.

And one important thing. Skull’s in CoF should disappear.

Good idea to add random chests in conquest map the one who gets there firsts gets it. It should be change for other alliance for eg the chests available for our ally is not availabe for other ally. Add uber or pro chests near stronghold of other teams to make it more difficult and exciting to reach. Also these should randomly regenerate over time with % lucks only in the unseeable area on which fog has appeared. Also it should be good in numbers for eg for a team of 60 there should be at least 30 chests through out the map of 1000+ tiles