Conquest Rewards- Individual Awards

This may not sound to be an appropriate or possible idea, but give it some thought…

Of course, Conquest event is supposed to be played as a team, and generals and leader must get their members to particiapte. But there are still many players who do not participate, and yet they get the conquest awards equally as every other participating players, which in a way is good, but still not too motivating…

Since most/all of the members are strangers, we cant force them to participate in the events and yes, since they are not close friends, we cannot scold or be rude with them or be angry with them… So, in order to get maximum participation from all the players, I suggest the following small idea to keep players motivated.

There is an alliance award… But we need more than that. We could maybe introduce individual awards like that in wars. Individual Awards in conquests need not be too precious or uber, not even legendary… If you could simply provide rare magic chests for the amount of energy played or battles participated, we could get more players to participate, and eventually, conquest would prove to be even more competitive and more fun.

Conquest is the most special event (from my perspective) and I’ll try my best to provide ideas to make it even more better… Consider my above idea and well, if possible, implement it asap… Thank You… :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

I would not support the idea to give individual rewards for war participations in conquest.

Sometimes it’s very important that a member doesn’t join specific wars, for example when his task is to be somewhere else to protect watch towers or a special area. Also good reason can be that a member is a potential skull bleeder and joining a close war can result in a loss.

We don’t want to motivate members to join wars when it’s not required.

Having said that, players not moving at all out of the conquest stronghold should not be rewarded at all. So the conquest rewards by score should not be given to them, eventual boosts however should be given.

You could prevent a player only going outside stronghold just to gain rewards, by demanding that a player minimal used a certain amount of energy (for example more than 500-1000 energy used minimum), although that even can be a discussion point.

I think possible rewards during conquest are already fantastic, only members should really participate to get those.


They can also prevent the winner of the awards from taking them to another alliance. My alliance is half empty, because we still do not have Phoebe released, but before it was and we participated in conquest. I remember that there were people who entered, joined the alliance and participated in the conquest and when the conquest was over, we left and entered their old alliance. It is a dirty game that many do from a time and could be avoided. It would be avoided that when leaving the alliance once the conquest ended, that it left empty. That automatically, all the prizes won will be taken away. This they do to steal pets (companions) and donate them to their old alliance, returning to it after the conquest.

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Conquest rewards you only get when you are member of a team before conquest starts and stay member till end of conquest. So you can only guess that a team will win those rewards.

Also, only normal (read non pro pals) pals are in pal chests, so this won’t solve phoebe problem. Only with pro chests you gain crystals and those allow you to buy phoebes.

The rewards indeed are assigned to a player, so they can of course donate it where they want. But when a certain player immediately leaves with rewards, that player won’t be accepted by our team.

umn… actually i have heard a few players say that they got nemesis in pal chest… that’s odd, but that’s what they reported…

I am not sure if I support the idea myself… I just posted this to know what people think… There is a flaw, of course, but I guess if valid, those flaws can be fixed… Anywho, we need something to motivate players to participate…

I never heard of getting nemesis in pal chest, even not in a pro chest. Nemesis or other pro pals you can get during one time offers.

nope… pro chests do not give pro pals… even in the possible rewards of pro chest, there is no pro pal included… but I did hear that nemesis was found in regular pal chest (uber pal chest, actually)… so i was just curious… and confused…

As mentioned in the topic below, we still have something like that on our backlog :slight_smile: ->Personal Rewards for exploration of the Conquest Map. It is not 100% what you suggested, but it goes into that direction.


Added to interesting ideas. Closing to free up votes.