Conquest - Rewards review for new event cycle

Given that now we have a Conquest every 1 month, instead of every 3 weeks I have a few questions and/or suggestions about this.

A mate in my alliance raised this subject and he asked me if I could voice his opinion.

I thought it was an interesting subject too, so here goes:

"Previously, Conquest boosts lasted for 9-10 days ( not 100% sure). Will you increase the duration of those?

The chests were thought for every a 3 week event cycle, in my opinion this must be improved as the event is extended for one more week… but this is debatable.

Further more: Alliance gold is less for keeping the boosts active and the amount spent on towers and research is still too much… while in return it is less for our alliance."


What do you think about this guys?

To give a descent answer. Instead of getting conquest rewards every 3 weeks, you get them now every 4 weeks. So far so good. But you need to see the whole picture and not only focus on conquest rewards. 

Previous cycle was 3 weeks, ninja, conquest and war season. We now get ninja event rewards every 2 weeks, before this was every 3 weeks. Reasoning that way, should those rewards be lowered? Of course not, one reward is replaced by another one. 

Sure, when you are in a high tier in conquest and win the rewards as a team, those rewards are more worth it for sure, in comparison with war season and ninja event. In terms of rewards, I would say be happy with the rewards you can win.

Community complained about conquest being too often. And for players who participate and need to be active a lot (like me) it indeed is very time demanding and exhausting. Would I want it to be similar like ninja event, every two weeks? Nope, not a single hair on my head is considering that. Even not when it would last just for 3 days, it’s too much and time demanding. Once every 4 weeks is fine with me and even every 8 weeks would be better, but once in 4 weeks I can live with.  

The boost duration is a legal question, but also there, as long as you partially benefit from them during a ninja event for free, I don’t see a problem, when you want the conquest boosts for war season,  you will need to prolong them anyway and same for war boosts, since both war season and conquest are now followed directly by a ninja event.

With war boosts it’s even worse, now you can get a specific set and you need to wait 8 weeks for that same set of war boosts. So a team really must spend gold to prolong them. I would suggest you better save that gold and level up the alliance or upgrade the alliance conquest buildings instead. 

I am already happy to have the conquest/war boosts during next ninja event. And with 9-10 days that will last till next ninja event ends. Since prolonging those boosts cost a ton of alliance gold, it’s wise not to do so, unless you can afford it as team. But when there are alternate goals (Leveling up team, conquest buildings) I would invest the gold on that instead. 

I think alliance gold we need for towers and research is fine. Lower would be better, but also realize we can gain huge rewards instead for all individual players plus the team. Take guardian chests for example, a lot of players can upgrade guardians. Take pal chests, we get a lot of pals and can donate them to the alliance (That we don’t use those higher level beasts is another discussion ?, but once you maxed a beast, your team gets 1M for every extra donated pal of that kind!). I can go on with pro chest and so on. Conquest is a team investment and in the end the team benefits from the invested gold. 

I do understand the question, but please be happy with rewards we get. They are pretty good already. Need better ones, use my advice to upgrade team or conquest buildings and try to promote to higher tiers. Then those rewards will improve. Of course when you are already playing in top tier, then your rewards are already awesome.

Hey @Dena4, thanks for giving your point of view and sorry for the late response.

I can totally aggree that the current chest rewards are already great enough. Sorry about the confusion.

What I wanted to emphasize, was about the gold rewards itself, because I think they’re too low for the amounts spent.

About the Conquest Boosts:

Currently, after the Conquest was over, the boosts had an initial time of 7 days… Which for a 1 month cycle is too low.

Take a War Season as an example, where the rewarded War boosts last for 1/2 of the time between war seasons.

So on this case, 7 days is like 1/4 of the time… Raise that to 14 days and it will no longer be a gold issue, because the other half would be the alliance choice to prolong or not.

Because currently… Even if you wanted to prolong for 1 day, just a single boost… It’s already 6M of gold. Nonsense.

About the Tech-Tree:

Some of the Tech-tree costs become too high at some point even. Not to mention the absurd wisdom required…

Why create a Tech-tree with lots of techs, where we can only “freely” (no gems) activate the first ones?

Just to finish my point of view…

Given that we spend alliance gold on: WatchTowers, TechTree and we may want to prolong 1 boost for just a few days (this last is optional I know)…

The amounts rewarded are still too low and may not compensate even for the 6 days of “just” spending gold on conquest.

PS: I do understand that after a few months of Conquest, a high level alliance could already have some maxed beasts… Thus, having some gold return for surplus pals donated…

But, I don’t think that should be used as an explanation for the current costs asked for everything.


Thanks, I have forwarded the feedback. :slight_smile:

Feedback time jippie yay jippie yay…all the time jippieyay jippie yay.  ?


Thanks for being our carrier pigeon Madlen :wink:

This was in tier 3 I guess @ShadowsGuardian, in our previous tier 2 (We promoted, so a nightmare will await us ?), we won 75M gold. Indeed, research was not cheap in terms of gold, but we decided to stop research after 5-6 researches. Did first three and some energy researches, no need for extra costs.

Watchtowers we build that many that every member was a guardian, that tells the story of gold use by our team, including 5 of them leveling up to level 2. It was indeed not cheap and the 75M comes not even near the amount of gold spend, but we had fun for that gold, was a long time ago, that I saw that many members enjoying the game. And that’s priceless. 

Beasts aren’t maxed, not even close to it, while we were residing in tier 3-2 all the time. Some beasts are level 6, but that’s not even close to max. For that, you really need players who buy pal chests plus donate them. But for teams who maxed them, finding such a pal can be lucrative.  

War/conquest boosts indeed now indeed are not that long active as it was before. Before it as 9-10 days and even longer,  but I think this is fine, 7 days and 12 hours covers the boosts for the next ninja event. Like I said, it would be  nice if they were prolonged till first day of either conquest or war season, but now it’s also important to realize what you say. 6M alliance gold per day per war/conquest boost to prolong it, better save that gold and use it to level up the team or the conquest buildings. 

@ShadowsGuardian is correct the gold reward is less, @Dena4  I don’t play whole day and in a way conquest demand that to some extend, if you don’t keep good alliance boosts , players will not stay for long as they will search for alliance which will give them these boost, the cost explain above by Shadow Guardian is correct. Not everyone can give an extra donation to alliance there are many players who don’t buy gems or other packs, game should be fair. And now guardians have been added which cost pearls and amount to level up is too much, if players don’t farm them they have less level guardian, less forged units, spells and other things.


they added many things in past few months and yet not balanced them, asking for better rewards  is fair.

as there is so many boosts now, the way for giving alliance gold is not so good ( just by alliance tower or  if you reach a beast at level 10 come on level 10) where will alliance get gold to keep the boosts from events like conquest which is shown above is less.

It should not be pay to play game, its a game. I can see that most alliances activate some boosts only for events if you total the cost alliances spend is lot more then 75M which they get in return. And this is for those alliance who does not make deals and play for real, definitely if you make a deal the reward is next to free for you, but is it really playing or enjoying?

who does not make deals and play for real along side with jobs, work life can understand what @ShadowsGuardian is really asking.

the new cycle is good and i am fine with it as ninja event give pearls and can be put to good use with playing less.

@Dena4 gave some good points but still reward is less, if you really play not just deal the conquest out.( I am not saying @Dena4 do deals) Especially Gold reward. Or extend the time for boosts give in conquest, 7 days is less.

Well this is my point of view.