Conquest rewards

I just noticed something in the update video, can we talk about this:




what the hell, flare, lol


Maybe it’s a bit like those pro chest rewards you can get in wars: If you don’t get attacked by other alliances, you’ll never get them.

Peut être en fonction du nombre de tuiles conquises …

Hard to belive :grinning:

but thats the bar to unlock a boost ? it would be a really bad move to make it that hard to achieve


Our tier is that tier :stuck_out_tongue: I am excited to get 45 Pro Chest And this is a wonderful participation prize surely :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me guess, you have literally to own almost 70% of the map before reaching that, meaning you have to really giving the other teams not the slightest chance. Resulting in next conquest that you totally stand no chance, unless you are part of top layer and win almost every conquest.

Nice to gain a lot of pearls and pal food. It will help to really do some forgings and upgrade pals, when you reach it. I would rather see an alliance reward as one of the prices. That would help us to upgrade those conquest buildings or alliance. 

Keep dreaming… I remembered a video a 2-3 years old showing like 58 moral points for Castle Guard in one wave.

I m sure it would be prizes for first 45 members i bet

I guess it is only to make participate conquest.

remember storage capacity 1st day.  After 3rd day, when lot invested in the buildings, the storage capacity was highly reduced.

we will see what price we can get, but i bet in 1st conquest it will be better, to make people participating

don’t you know flare’s strategie yet?

I don’t think you get 45 prochests. I think when you reach 45 points you get 1 prochest 

Make more sense like this 32 and 45 its the score and that give only 1 pro chest. Flare is greedy never they will give 45 pro chest or if its the case the Conquest must be really hard. I believe more the number are the score to reach to unlock chest. So seem the rewards is weak. A black chest,a legendary, a uber and a pro chest.That it its all?

C’mon guys, you’re overthinking this.  It’s just like the progress bar your team has during ninjas.  When your team wins 14, 21 , 32, and 45 spots on the map, your team will receive the corresponding chest. It would be NICE to get 45 pro chests, but my pal couldn’t eat all that pet food in sitting! ??