Conquest rewards

really flare?? 

Up at 4 am for 8th day on a row… Where are the rewards. Just ended and said nothing?.. wtf?

What the hell, I am up at 4 in the damn morning to see the ending? And it’s nothing? Where are the rewards and the boost? 8 days of hell you should be on time!!

mybe it was a big joke of flare? August fool

Classic! Flary!
I was waiting for this kind of post, it’s like a tradition after an update…more anticipated than Xmas on December 25th…


Team KUSKA… we got 2nd place … no rewards, no boost, zippo


Hi guys,

unfortunately, we have noticed that a few alliances did not receive their conquest rewards and boosts.

We are looking into it right now and apologize for the inconveniences.

We will keep you in the loop!


Sleeping lion, 1st place, no rewards ???


Why I am not surprised? Not in any way …

That’s why I made screenshots of everything: result, member list at end of event, …

we are now in 6h verification process…

Conquest boosts are only activated for 10 days. Even more gold/gems/money that alliances have to spend. Fg is getting more and more greedy

Maybe there is also a cooldown …

To make it worse, I got those rewards, opened three pal chests (3 kaisers, 2 eldracks and 1 howl). I already have those pals. I went to beast donation and two pals disappeared. 1 Eldrack and one kaiser are not there. So instead of donating 6 pals, just 4. 

Can’t believe it, never heard of working with transactions? Either complete process fails or succeeds. Now two of my pals just vanished! I don’t dare to open other chests, I don’t want to risk losing more stuff.

@Madlen you should lock this topic!

That was not posted here!!! This was posted in the thread in the Official Announcements linked above. That thread was open to reply!!

Poor Madlen, suggestion: prepare a template for this kind of situations, you will need to write this more often than you can imagine…

We best get the full time for them. We still do not have ours???


And to make it even more crazy, this conquest mode should be once per month. Surprise, surprise… Next conquest in around 13 days ?.

You have to be kidding. I wish I was wrong, but like it looks now, I was correct ?. First fix those issues (cool down, none working research,…) , only then give us a new conquest.

If Flare doesn’t pay rewards or pay the same to everyone i’ll be VERY VERY ANGRY. I almost didn’t sleep to win.

We need to wait 6 hours for 1 boost, then 6 hours for another, then 6 hours for every chest…