Conquest rework

 Event is moved to the normal game. All events (Ninja, Dungeon, Festival, Pro, …) are fields that need to be discovered on this map. Each player also has a castle on the map that you can not attack until you find them. That you have to find each field first remains the same as it did in the conquest. Before you can attack an event, you have to find it on the map (like the players). Every event field is just a level when comparing the events with now. For example, every Ninja field found is exactly one ninja level (icon: portal) that is destroyed after a victory on the map and is not destroyed if you lose. It is the same for the other events, except that the symbol is different. The current “Attack” icon changes to “enter map” or "open map“ or similar. The Test from the conquest are the Same as now 


In my opinion, then, the event conquest would be more fun, as each player has a castle on the map and all events are distributed on the map. You also can write your opinion about it

This isn’t a rework it’s an entirely different game mode lol. I don’t think that the Conquest should be changed so drastically. You’re changing it from an alliance mode to a personal mode. This would be an interesting idea if you were suggesting a new mode, but you’re not

No thanks. Not interested

Why? Only „No thanks. Not interested“ is not enough for a answer with your opinion for this topic 

Read what AK have said. He give a proper answer. I will not repeat the same thing. 

Hi there,

Thank you for your idea. We agree with what AK says here. Therefore, moving this to non-feasible ideas.

Thank you!