Conquest - searching field's number

Can U give in Conquest mode option fast search fields - example i put in search one number and this field is quick visible (i dont know another color or/and this field is center on my map)

Now i have to looking on big map one field (i looked this field about 5 min)

Of course this requests is directed to developers :slight_smile:

Hi there, we agree, that it is hard to find fields at the moment with the number system. Your system would is lovely, but would ask for a lot of code work, which would not be easily feasible production wise atm with other more important topics; BUT we will work on a way to make it easier to find certain tiles (thinking of a A1, D12 etc system). This will probably not be in the next version but in an upcoming one.


I like this! This is the exact kind of communication that I wanted on suggestions. Thank you Madlen!!