conquest should be open to all

ya really think it is fare to leave out smaller teams for the big 1s to get strong , thus eliminating the smaller ?


Well, the only alliances being left out are the one’s with less than 15 members, I believe. That’s fair. Can you imagine a Conquest with 4 alliances with under 15 members? There would be nearly no wars and hardly any points gained. It doesn’t really work. Though the minimum is 15, the conquest isn’t really worth it until you reach 20-25 members

mabe your are right , but how do small alliances grow ? Having top payers with all tha advantages kick you down ?


so what THE POINT OF PAYING A GAME if it is rigged ? Las Vegas style , give this game back to the real players , not the payers


I think small alliances should absolutely be able to play as long as they are active.  It doesn’t take many players to build and upgrade towers.  And allowing smaller alliances to participate would keep them motivated to grow and help push them ahead.  Maybe smaller maps could be used to help keep the event competitive due to the smaller team size. 

Long passed time when it made sense to create alliances. If your Alliance this a small group to communicate, sit and communicate. If you want to play normally look for a ready developed alliance. Pumping your Alliance you will not get pleasure from the game, but only some problems. You just even having a dozen accounts and regularly spending money on the game can’t compete with the older alliances.

Do not be grateful for the time saved :wink: