Conquest Strategy Guide

The Conquest - Strategy Guide

Version 1.0


Communication within your Alliance is very likely the most important thing during a Conquest Event.

Working as a team and executing a decent strategy over the course of the Conquest Event might be more valuable and fruitful than having even the best of strategies but not sticking to it as a team.

The Conquest poses new tasks for Leaders and Generals in particular. It will be their responsibility to plan, coordinate and delegate Alliance members and resources.

It would be very inefficient for every Alliance member to start venturing out on their own without any guidance.

Important things always to remember

  • Assign Troops:
    • to Heroes in the Alliance Stronghold before they venture out
    • to Watchtowers
    • from Watchtowers to Heroes that are currently on the Watchtower
  • One Hero alone is very unlikely to win any War
  • Heroes will be sent back to the Alliance Stronghold when a War is lost
  • Heroes will lose all assigned Troops when a War is lost
  • Heroes will lose some of their assigned Troops when a War is won
  • Tower Guards can defend Watchtowers regardless of their position on the map
  • Movement is limited to a distance of three tiles at once

Map Grid

The Map Grid can be turned on with the button on the bottom right portion of the screen. While the Grid is active, all objects on the map are minimized and a number is displayed on each tile.

Use these Grid numbers for communication between Alliance members across the Conquest Map.

World Map

Access a world overview map from the Conquest Map. Here you can see all discovered  Territories in one go and plan your next moves.

Energy Management

Keep track of your Energy and use it wisely.

If you spend a large part of your Energy pool just to reach a War, you may have not enough energy left to fight battles to help your Alliance win that War.

Clever use of your Energy pool and regeneration may result in a considerable advantage.

Resource, Upgrade and Research Management

Try to have a lot of resources available when a Conquest starts to come out of the gates blazing.

Personal Stronghold buildings do not generate resources while they are upgrading. Resources can also not be sent during that time.

Therefore, ideally, it is recommended only to upgrade personal Stronghold buildings when no Conquest is running.

At the very least, make sure that not every Alliance member is upgrading their personal Stronghold buildings at the same time.

Ideally your Alliance should have enough resources to start researching the next Technology immediately after one has finished.

Make sure to have enough resources ready, and to already have discussed and decided which is the next Technology your Alliance is investing in.

Strategies and Tips

Here are some ideas for common strategies that might be helpful:

Alliance Management and Movement

Before the Conquest Event starts, discuss your strategy and appoint roles to Alliance members.  

Moving as a group vs. spreading out.

Remember that every Hero can only move three tiles at once. Staying fairly close to your team members while moving over the map grants a certain safety when ambushed, while also maximizing exploration.

Stacking several Alliance members on one map tile may provide an advantage in Wars (in offense and defense) but comes with the tradeoff of reduced exploration.

Find the perfect balance for your strategy.

Forming Squads

Assign small squads of Alliance members with Generals taking command.

This can help with delegating orders and having better control over the progress of the Conquest Event. For example: a General could be in charge of some Soldiers to build, occupy and defend a few Watchtowers in a designated area.

Dedicated Scouts

Appoint a few scouts that move into different directions to discover big parts of the Conquest Map very quickly. Scouts should avoid Wars at any cost. They provide necessary reconnaissance for Leaders and Generals to decide the Alliance’s next move.

When hostile scouts are spotted, try to immediately attack them with multiple members, sending them back to the Stronghold with a quick Supreme Victory.

This denies the opponent vision and clears the way for your scouts.

Conquest Map and Watchtowers

Use map tile properties to your benefit

Every map tile has different properties. They influence attack and defense modifiers of Towers as well as Heroes. Some map tiles are impassable, creating natural choke points at some points of the map.

Forest tiles for example feature a very high defense modifier making it an excellent tile to build Towers on.

Falling back onto a map tile with a high defense modifier with your Hero might also prevent you from being attacked or at least make it easier to defend yourself.

Desert tiles have a very low defense modifier. Ambush your enemies in the desert and you will have a natural advantage over them.

Building a Watchtower on a desert tile may not be advisable in general but might be reasonable if Special Tiles are claimed with it.

Watchtower positions and Tower Guards

It is preferable to build Watchtowers on map tiles with a high defense modifier and assign Tower Guards with strong defenses.

Furthermore you can indirectly protect Watchtowers by placing them in the cover of impassable map tiles like Water and Mountain, making them harder to reach for the enemy.

Watchtowers surrounded by rough terrain like Swamp, Forest and Desert will drain the Energy of approaching attackers before they even reach the tower.

It is also advisable to assign Tower Guards that are often online so that they can react quickly and help defend their Watchtowers if attacked.

Upgrading Watchtowers

Having higher level Watchtowers will be inevitable to achieve great Conquest victories. Not only do they improve your Conquest Score and Alliance Territory with their increased owning range, they also provide valuable vision range.

Connect your Alliance Territory

Heroes move faster over Alliance Territory. Making connections with Watchtowers will help your Alliance members to quickly get where they are needed.

If you plan on upgrading your Watchtowers, keep in mind that their range will increase with each level. Leave some space between level 1 towers to maximize your Alliance Territory and Conquest Score as soon as they are upgraded.

Expand your Alliance Territory

Almost every tile adds to your Alliance’s Conquest Score. Expanding your Alliance Territory to cover vast areas of the map is a valid strategy.

Conquer and protect Special Tiles

Resources and Conquest Score from Special Tiles are most precious and worth fighting a hundred Wars over. Go out of your way to find, conquer and protect them.

Upgrade your most important Watchtowers as much as possible. Also consider placing extra guards at the edge of their vision range to increase the distance over which you can get an early alarm whenever an enemy approaches.

Choose Technologies and adapt your playstyle

Technologies play an important role and should influence your strategies and decisions.

Conquest Events will have different Technology Trees. It might make sense to work out a game plan at the beginning of a Conquest according to available Technologies, and to determine which ones will be researched.

Here are two examples:

If your Alliance has already researched “Reduced building costs for Towers” and is currently researching “Tower Building Speed” you should probably focus on expansion and growth by building and protecting many Watchtowers.

If your Alliance has researched “Additional Defense for Heroes” and will soon complete the “Increased max amount of Troops per Hero” Technology, you will have an edge in Wars and should maybe plan on attacking and destroying Watchtowers owned by opposing Alliances.

Fog of War

Try to unveil as much Fog of War as possible. This is especially important at the borders of your Alliance Territory or important Watchtowers.

By keeping track of the movement of your opponents you can anticipate their next move and sometimes even ambush them.

Last Words

Your Alliance will have to communicate and coordinate in new ways to find a balance between offense and defense, and master the new challenges that come with the Conquest. Explore new strategies, surprise your opponents and with a little bit of luck your Alliance will be triumphant in the next Conquest.