Conquest Suggestion

When of the main problems with Conquest is that there really is not much incentive to win battles.

The issue we ran into is that the loser could come right back within minutes to re-troop and attack. What I suggest is a waiting period for losing players like 5+ hours or so. What happened with us was that we constantly was fighting the same team everyday for the 5 day event for instance we won 8-10 battles with double digits troops. So we would win a 20-15 battle and right after we won. they would re-troop and come right back and basically trap around 15 of us that weren’t online and those 15 wouldn’t have many troops left so 1-2 players with 500 troops would trap 15 player who just beat them. It makes no sense. I remember the beginning of conquest a few months ago when we won a battle and sent a player home we wouldn’t see them for a few days. not 10 minutes later.


So big improvement they need to make is a significant waiting period to be able to move for LOSING players.






 Its not a very good suggestion my friend, when you are ranked 160 what else you can do against a ranked 16 alliance? Sometimes is the only way not to get crushed by a much stronger and higher lvl team, also if a team have 3 ongoing wars and lose 1, the players that lose that war wont be able to help the team on the other 2 wars because of “5+h waiting time you suggest”

Definitely not a good suggestion!