Conquest - Suggestions to make life easier for Generals/Sargents

Being able to see how much energy a player has was very useful during this Conquest.

However, there are some things that need improvement, mostly related to monitoring and planning:
A) an easily accessible player list (on the Conquest map) that displays #troops, #energy, on/off status, present location and target/flag location for ALL alliance members


Bonus A1) Improving the above ideia, a checklist (only available to leaders and generals) to select specific players (a squad) into a small list. This way a general/sargeant would be able to check his squad’s info at the touch of a button, without having to scroll through 65 players.

Bonus A2) if you could check your squad’s resource donations directly from this list


Orders should be easier and faster to change

Right now this is what happens when you want to change an order:

1 - find where player X is

2 - click the i button on the bottom (a player list pops up with all players on that tile)

3 - select the flag (the game zooms in on the target location)

4 - click X

5 - confirm cancel order (you’re taken back to the map and not even centered back on the tile where the player was)

6 - repeat step 1

7 - repeat step 2

8 - repeat step 3

9 - pick target tile

So these are 9 steps that are already too many if you’re doing that for a single player, and are annoying and too time consuming if you have to do that for 5-10-15 players.

After step 5, it would be more useful to just get brought back to the player list on the tile in step 2 OR if you could immediately plant a new flag (without having to go through steps 6-8).

C) A Watchtower List that includes the tower’s location, tower troops (+cooldown), #heroes on the tower, status (idle, upgrading, war) and a “take me to tower” button

Right now if you want to replenish your tower’s troops, you have to check every single tower one by one. Having this list would fast track this whole process.

Bonus C1) being able to replenish troops directly from this list, without having to select a tower, selecting the tower troop button and then send troops.

D) Improve resource donation awareness

This button would flash non-stop as long as you have a full resource donation ready (troops, stone, wisdom) and your alliance has enough space for that full donation.

This would be a massive improvement.


Bonus D1) A flashing send all (troops + wisdom + stone) button directly from the Kingdom, above that Fortress button.

E) the ! button… I get the idea behind this button, but I don’t think it works, at all. Does anyone rely on it in any effective way?

Maybe that space could be used for something more useful.


F) How many points, potentialy, a tower/upgrade would be worth (including special tiles, assuming you’ll get them first)

Bonus F1) If right from the start it would display how many points would a tower be worth at each level up (ex: 7 points at lvl1, 25 at lvl2, 40 at lvl3, etc).


G) A list with the sum total of skulls obtained by each player during Conquest (similar to the war’s Rewards screen).

Unlike wars, a player’s contribution during Conquest cannot be accurately measured by skulls alone, but it would be nice to have access to this type of information during and after a Conquest is over.

H) A war history for each Conquest

At the moment, once a war is over in Conquest, you can no longer check which players participated and how many skulls they got in that specific war. This is a valuable info that we don’t have access to.

I) A request orders button for players without an active order. This way a general/sargeant would be able to assign a new order asap.

J) Make the hero appearance unique for Leaders, Generals and Sargents on the map. It would improve big picture planning when you zoom out on the Conquest map.


I’m guessing at least some of these have already been suggested by other players in the past. Anyway, here’s the suggestions off the top of my head to make my life easier during Conquest events. ?



Hi Arrebimba (and all the players that have been providing similar ideas in the past),

a big thank you!

There are some very useful ideas in this comment and I will forward it to the dev team. We have also some improvements planned for the upcoming year but are not ready to communicate these just yet.

Very well presented.  All of this would turn the whole of Conquest around.

A1 would be one of the best features.  Instead of trying to leave messages in chat or give orders to 10+ players, just give a single order to squad Alpha.


Excellent suggestions. It’s hard to have fun if everything is a chore. With a comfortable interface conquest might actually become enjoyable.

Yes to everything.

K - May I add suggestion for the ! button? One more status, say blue, that grants generals and sergeants control over that players pawn. This way, players that can’t be online 24/7 but can battle are able to participate in conquest more actively.

Right now, players who don’t have enough time end up staying in base too long, don’t have the time to log in and study orders etc to move. But it would work better if we could just call the player up to do his battles. And conquest would benefit altoghether, with alliances being able to fully utilize all their players. As it stands, much of conquest is dependant on how much generals annoy their players to go online, and its really bugging people out to be called during work, family occasions, night, etc.

K1 Bonus - Push notification to “blue status” players whenever they are thrown into battle, so they know its their time to shine.