Conquest suprem victory bug ??



We are in conquest for now, one enemy take on both of my teamates so 1 vs 2, my teamates got 150 troops each + 125 tower troops (425 x 2 because we got the +1 def troops) on our tower (1.2 coef def). Skull left for suprem victory 4.4k Skulls. Another teammate joined, 1 vs 3 so, he went with full troops (150 x 2) but the suprem victory skulls are still at 4.4k ?? Why ?? It should go down !! 

He joined the war when it left 2hours ! Now we gonna loose because the suprem victory didnt go down … so its useless to fight at the end ??!


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I have the same problem, the chance to sv stops at 140 and it takes too many hours and still not moving.

I think when there are less than 14 hours left, suprem victory dont go down anymore !

but if people join it when there is 2 hours left and it doesnt any make sv move how come ??! should tell us before !!

We also have a problem with a supreme victory.

The battle is 1 of us an two opponents on our tower, with 13hours and 54min left we need about 6200 skulls for supreme victory and our opponent needs just about 5500 skulls.

Why they need less skulls on our tower/Fields? How we should protect our tower based on this calculation?


Hi Magimagic!

Your teammate that has joined the war at last was he/she already assigned as a tower guard for this particular tower? If that is the case, the number of the Supreme Victory Skulls won’t go down because the player that is assigned as a tower guard is already included in the calculation of the Supreme Victory Skulls.

Hello, no he is not the tower guard. It was a fight between : 1 enemi 3.2k trophee lv105 150 troops vs 4 of us, 3 (2 members + 1 tower guard) 1.2~1.4 trophee lv55-60, and one is 50 trophee only but lv97 all with 150 troops (600 troops in total x 2 because we got +1 def troops skill) !

That is say even we are a lot, we cannot out take this 3.2k trophee ?!!