Conquest Technology Question

When we researched technology that gives +3 for Heroes War Battles, we could not use them. Only 5 attacks, still. Does it depend on number of heroes in battle or how does this work?


No, it is a bug. They are working on it already. 

Thank you for response orko. Wish they would have refunded our alliance gold we spent on that researching.


Hi Josslynfire,

We are sorry the bug happened.  I am happy to say we have refunded the gold last Friday. :slight_smile:

Have you received the refund?

Have a good day!

And what about the other bugged techs???

i reported that i.e. +20 troops to watchtowers never worked as just 250/270 or 125/145 werw able to be assigned to heroes.

so we investigated +20 troops to watchtowers but it didn‘t change anything - please read the bug megathread once and answer if you spend here 8hours per day madlen…

many many questions/bugs were reported but hardly any answer :-(((

Hi Madlen,

Thank you for the quick response. I can not remember what the cost was for the research I posted about, nor can I remember if our gold increased in our Alliance Treasury, on Friday. As leader, first day of war is always a bit wild. So I can not answer if we received the refund. However, I appreciate getting a heads up that an update was done to address this issue.

One other issue was that I could not assign the +20 Troops from completing the research to Watchtowers. I hope that issued is addressed, before next conquest, and a refund issued.

by reading this you remember me to send my resources to my alliance. Never think about it. Since 4.0 i have send it only 1 time. No flashing emblem or nothing to announce your stuffs are ready like the Pro ticket that I forget each time because no remainder

PS : thanks to the OP. If that was not of this topic probably my stone and all have stay there same 1 year later

stop complaining about the past. move on in life.