Conquest, the most boring game of all times

My ally is winning, but we all are bored, people complans all time “can i moove?” “can i attack?”. NO You can’t cause we have to build the f****g towers to win. 

Can someone explain me why they turn a war game into a building game?




this is a castle defense game, not war game mate ? 

Castle defens? So you never attack? They are called TOWER defens, and if you had ever playe one, you can’t say this is a tower defense. In those games you can’t attack.

Aniway. They should give 1/4 territory from the beginning. You can only attack other allyes towers anb defend yours. You cant’do points, only remove them from enemies.  Who save more points win. Stop.  

Or permit to build in every area without war fog, without necessity of players in specifics positions.

We want to attack, not build and moove constantly only to build 60-70 towers in a conquest. 

And the matchmakig also is bad. The last Conquest we was with allyes in rank 40-50 when we was ranked 150. This conquest is reverse, we have ally like our accademy. This is boring too. 

Well that what it said in the game intro when i install it, online , strategy , tower defense , action rpg game . So we have all that , its online, its strategic need to built caste to defense it and you can take action by attacking other. You can not just called it war game and removed other tag because you didnt like it.

We already have all alliance have a part of map from the start it called “alliance war” . What you are asking is basicialy war with more than enough point to get a bunch of uber, pal , gems  pro chest in day one . That cut like 80 to 100%  of conquest activity and motivation just because you only like the moving and attacking part which is a very unreasonable request .



I like the conquest. We headed for top tier and got strong opponents. Too strong, but well we made a lot of points in the first war. So no problems with matchmaking here. It is the only interesting part of Royal Revolt at the moment.

Is there away to remove conquest from my royal revolt

very sick of this game 



its not Conquest is bad just Flare need to keep improve it. If I remember War Season never had been perfect too. They have improve and change War Season over 4 years. So let’s them the time to change and improve the Conquest

its cool they have listen about the map and all. I really hope they will add what I have suggest. People who can collect stuffs who can change the result of the Conquest or more explorations for the Scouter. Find random rewards on the map, fight Boss and monster,etc…

Great that look like Risk game but miss some stuffs to make it really fun. More action collect,more stuffs to do for scouter,etc… so I hope Flare keep working on it and keep improve it. give them the time to improve it. its not something who can be done in 1 night.Be patient

And they still s**k. 

I understand someone can love Conquest, but simply this is not RR2. In the last (almost) 5 years we had only to attack and build defenses on the path. In war, ninjas, Pro League, Festivals… everything.

But this is ANOTHER GAME now, completely different.  They can made  conquest game as a stand alone game, but conquest has nothing to do with RR2.


Every game needs to evolve to stay attractive …

TO evolve doesn’t mean change the game heart. I think RR2 evolved a lot from the beginning, now is like in Halo or Call of Duty you have to build settlements.  You can love it but it have nothing to do with a shooting game.  This is the same. RR2 is not a building game. 6 days in Conquest and i’m still waiting a fight but we are winning. 


Towers gives points, not fightings. This is the main problem of Conquest, but not the only.


Please look at our game record. It is only our to be targeted. Others are not fighting.
The same is true for the previous two conquests.
“Negotiation” is not good for alliances who want to play conquest mode.

”also They decide all the ranks before fighting.

Their negotiations are not a peace treaty to discuss after recognizing their ability after fighting."

:slightly_frowning_face: 。。。 There is a problem as a game rather than boredom.