Conquest Thoughts

Not claiming that all these will be good, so I used “Thoughts” in the title instead of suggestions:

  • Tower overview: Show all towers with construction status, battle status, troop status (and can send troops from here), jump to location
  • King overview: battle status, troop status, jump to location
  • Direct pm: usable outside of conquest, any sergeant+ can send pm to anyone in the alliance without needing to be a friend
  • Random Dungeons: Treat these like an actual dungeon with difficulty based on tier.  This would give something for players to do that feel like conquest is too much waiting.
    • 1 dungeon starts about 10 tiles from each teams start. 
    • A dungeon will give alliance gold as the main reward.  Multiple attempts by different player are allowed, but the payout is like in Pro-league, you have to score better than a previous attempt to earn more gold. 
    • Each stars gives score points: 1 star = 1, 2 star =3, 3 star = 6
    • Every 8 hours each current dungeon is removed and a new one appears in a random tile 10+ tiles away.  It never appears in a claimed tile or in a tile that a dungeon was in previously.
  • Loser bonus: No, NOT for Skulls!  To give a team a chance that is getting pounded on from multiple team.  Builder will get upset and competitive when their towers get destroyed. 
    • When a tower is destroyed you get back some of the stone used to build it.  This would be based on how many towers your team has vs total # towers on map. Towers under construction would count for this purpose
    • Builders get a cool down reduction based on # of tower like above.
  • Pin notes to the map.  Give us simple tag with maybe 20 characters: “tower to go here”, “Explore this way”,  “attack here” ,etc.  Or go simpler and give us drop menu of options to choose from.
  • Wisdom costs are still too high for research.  Cut the costs to 1/6, quadruple the time.  Let us spend more wisdom to speed up the research.

About Conquest i will like the future Conquest allow us to see the skills tree. When a leader and general do a research. I would like to see the skill tree where they are and where they go