Conquest Tier Calculation

@Madlen ,
How to calculate current Conquest Tier (score)?
We add points just now after our new watch towers done built (was 260, now 273).
The score at leaderboard increased, but the Donkey score not changed (still 186, bug?)
Need to know, at this moment at which tier we’re at & the boosts level we will get after this conquest over
Will we rank up now (hopefully), or after this 2nd conquest over?

The donkey score will change after the conquest…not during the conquest.

So you will keep the rewards of the tier you’re in now…next conquest you will be in a higer tier… if you keep the points offcourse.

The tier you are in is based on the average of your last 3 conquest scores

Must have been asleep during the other two Conquest events and missed them.

Other 2 conquest? This running one is the 2nd

Need Developer answer, i threw 2 questions above

Yeah i know. Your tier level is based on the average of the last 3 conquests.

Difficult to calculate, with any precision, when there has only been one.

Flare said that the conquest tier score is the average of the last 3 Conquest events.

@Play For Fun I’m guessing you were at the 250 tier for the first Conquest. That means your average was 250 at that point and it dropped to 186 after the first event.

186 x 2 = 372

372 - 250 = 122 … was this your score in the 1st event ?


If it was, I’ll speculate that your average score after this Conquest is over will be 250 + 122 + whatever you score now, divided by 3.

Example: if you score 273 in this 2nd event ----> 250 + 273 + 122 = 645 … 645 : 3 = 215 points which means you will go up to the 200-249 tier.

By the same logic, If you want to get to the 250+ tier you would need a sum of 750+ points, which means you’d need to score 750 - 250 - 122 = 378 points in this 2nd Conquest event.


I’m just speculating. Flare might decide to only take into consideration the 1st and 2nd event’s score for the average now, discarding the initial score they assigned to all alliances prior to the 1st event.

That calculation makes sense. You’ve enlightened me ?



This is confirmation to what I said above. Now we have an official answer to the topic’s question. :grinning:

@ARREBIMBA your calculation is correct.
AOG: 250 (first given tier score) + 122 (186 = avg of (250+122)) + 497 (earned at this CQ) = 869
AOG tier for next CQ: 869 / 3 = 290 (top tier)
Matched, proven right :point_up:?

This may not have affected everyone but it certainly affected my team and several others.

The same junk … last minute changes. So you can spend more and get less.

My generals are actively searching for a new game for our team to move to… any recommendations? 

This was a bug fix. Why would you be opposed to a bug fix?

It didn’t even have an unfair impact whatsoever. All they did was fix the bug so that every alliance actually played the tier they deserved.