Conquest tier rework

The war matchmaking isn’t perfect but it does its job and it didn’t get as much complaint. Hence, it’ll be easier to just sort matches using what’s established already – fiefdoms.


1st place in conquest gets +3 fiefdom or whatever.


Chest rewards will of course scale with tiers that are affected by fiefdoms. This will in turn help a little on the issue of fiefdom dropping, i.e teams will be more hesitant to drop fiefdoms when it also affects the chest rewards in conquest now.

This would make the conquest ranking to be purely based on how strong a players are in a team as opposed to how well coordinated a team is. War season have very little strategy compared to conquest. Strong people are required but you might end up losing against a weaker well coordinated alliance.

I don’t think its necessary to tie them together they are two separate events/

alliances could choose to do one or the other exclusively which is great.

I do agree its broken… but that’s war. 

I just hate the idea of tethering a broken system to a new system… At least the new on its own has a opportunity to leave the old shyt behind.