conquest too long.....

in 3 days all know who win and who loose… 

and all we do if we win is just waiting to the loosing group to get the  rewards 

boring ? 

5 days of conquest are good, shorter conquest are not a good idea 

Not all maps are like that. 

In my case, about 50% of maps were only set in stone in the last couple of days. 

In the map previous to this one, the ranking positions were either negotiated or decide it wan’t worth the effort to get 1st.
Some were a no fight builder race.
This map we took 1st, and the 2nd/3rd place were jockeying for position.


Agree way too long

5 days is the minimum imo, in 2-3 days you can do nothing.

But i am waiting for more content, interactiveness on the map.


A huge numbers of person don’t like Conquest whatever the change they make. Just the rewards its really great. At least for the voucher chests. I have buy 2 workers this morning with 14K voucher.Very annoying however each time I must join a alliance,they up in tier at the moment there are no more in veteran scouts I must quit and leave and join another one who are low. Very boring and annoying. Flare cannot add Vouchers chest in all tiers?

Whatever the time in Conquest 1 day,3 days or 5 days I don’t care its the rewards who matter for me


conquest is not long enough.

it should run 2 weeks.  from what I’ve seen.  teams rarely engage the 4th player.   In some case, the fight takes up half of the map.  on occasion does it go 3/4 of the map. its extremely rare when it does show the entire map.



Why not run it for 3 straight weeks, back to back, non stop? 

A new Conquest would start like 5 minutes after the previous Conquest so you could have a bathroom break. 

Personally, I’d love it if they increased the event of the duration but slowed down the game interactions.  Currently, you need to log in constantly because it’s so fast paced.  If you leave the game for even a short duration of a couple hours, you could come back and find that you lost battles that were not even started when you logged off previously.  Every time I go to bed, I worry about how drastically things will change before I wake up.  The current system is effectively incompatible with casual players (those that only log in once/day).

Part of what I like about War Seasons is that they are, for the most part, based around a day.  So, as long as you log in once/day (any time of day) you can participate and do basically everything you need to do and everyone’s happy.  While you can log in more frequently to min/max things, it’s not a hard requirement to be successful (at least at my alliances’ level).  This really helps to even the playing field between casual and hard-core players, IMO.

If they increased the Conquest duration to several weeks and also slowed down the gameplay so it would work on the timescale of only interacting once/day, I’d be a happy camper.  


Should be a 3 day event fri, sat,  & sun. So people that are actually adults that work are not having their lives and work interrupted just because they are loyal and care about their team. We knew by day 2 the placement of each conquest so far. 

I agree on the comments I read that the conquest is way too long, sometimes waiting too long for battles to end. I would prefer max 3 days, cooldown much shorter to make the conquest more dynamic. It is really wearing people down, specially leaders and generals. 

If cooldowns get shortened, the pace will increase which means this whole event will become even harder for generals.

I really don’t want shorter cooldowns. Conquest is already pretty demanding as it is.

It is terribly demanding.  The time involved for leaders and generals is absurd.

I’ve been through two conquests now, in a mid-600 rank alliance, and I wish they were a day shorter, but I think every 3 weeks is a good cadence for them.  The game seems boring when there isn’t a conquest running.  To me, the conquest mode is the best part of RR2.

I like conquest too but it is exhausting as well as frustrating at times.   It may be a little long from that perspective but not from the winning being set in the first two days.  I have many times seen the dynamics of a game change during the last 48 hours.     I feel that 5 days is enough to deploy our current strategy since much of the first two days is setting up the last 3 days.   You have to set your initial towers,  start your initial research and scout the area,  There goes 1 day, day 2 go claim areas and resources, day 2 and 3 wars are beginning to take shape. You can also start moving around map  a lot better in day 3  Typically it is in day 3 that you are now pretty engaged with 1 or 2 other teams over resources and areas but it is day 4 where most of that is settled but day 5 is where some surprises can happen such as popping a level 3 or 4 tower that controls the outcome of the game.   

You do not know what is happening over there and that is part of the beauty of the design of the game.  You can guess by how many opponents you see from each team vs their membership may be in wars outside of your vision area.   You monitor players and their strengths and if they move out in and out of your vision also gives you some clues.  

We have had to decide if we want to press into an area or give up some ground as well but that is dynamic as the game changes a lot in days 3 and 4.  

One of our conquest, we expanded rapidly and were in first place for first 3 days. Then fighting on three fronts!

And in the last 16 hours we went from first to last place…

 I wouldn’t be so sure as conquest develops that you’re experience will remain so black and white!