Conquest unreachable fields are displayed reachable

I couldn’t find a Thread for this Bug and in the last conquest it was still present so:

  1. In Conquest sometimes, when selecting a tile to move on, there are tiles green which should be grayed out. 

  2. I wasn’t doing anything special, just typed on the donkey and zoomed out to find a tile.

  3. Only tiles which are reachable should be green, others should be gray.

  4. There are a few tiles green, which are actually out of range or behind a rock. These tiles can be selected. The energy to reach these is 0 and also the cooldown is 0. When the green checkbox is touched to jump on the tile, the game will disconnect and jump to the loading screen. It will load normal and start the game again.

  5. V 4.5.0

  6. Android 8.0.0, ZTE Axon 7

  7. l_STRIKE_l

  8. These screenshots are from 2 different conquest, one is from another alliance member, so its not only me.

This issue didn’t happen in the current conquest, but there are another 2 small issues in the current conquest: Some items are displayed in front of others, which is not correct… 

The questionmark is always overlayed by the main banner. 

The player counter only when selecting the field next to the actual field (the village field in this case) and then zooming in/out. 


Sorry for the very late reply regarding the first issue that you have posted. Thank you for that and also thanks for reporting the second issue about the overlaps. We looked into it and both bugs have been added to our database.


i’ve got one more small bug related to the conquest: A mysterios number appeared one time above an enemy tower, visible for all alliance member.

Fun fact: This number has its own wikipedia article 4,294,967,295 ?
This had no effects to the actual gameplay…

Actually, this visual bug had already been reported before:

The number is a type of “special number” used in programming.

It’s the maximum possible representation for an Integer (a number).