Conquest War: Last Call to Declare Jan2019

What is the last possible chance to start a new war in conquest?

I can find 24h on the forums, but players are telling me it’s now 12 hours since the 5 day conquest format. Asking during "A Fist full of Carnage " January 2019 conquest season
Can I get verification for the new war ‘cuttoff’ time?

If it is 12 hours, what happens when a war is ongoing when the conquest ends**?** I’d assume the score stays the same as if the war was never started, but you never know.


There’s probably many generals and sergeants wondering this right now.

I apologize if this info is posted somewhere already and I didn’t look hard enough to find it.

This info is here

In Conquest Balancing change section.

I see it. Much appreciated @Alumbri