Conquest war rewards

I caught my attention, there is currently no rune box reward in conquest war rewards, I think a rune chest can be added to the rewards section as in alliance wars.
Participation in the game is very high, as conquest wars are the biggest event. Players waive their private lives to get more online in the game at this event.
For this reason, it seems to me that you can expand user rewards a little more.

runes are useless compared to pals guardians voucher gem pearl pro-league chests

Indeed if the chest takes the place of another reward then no thanks.
But what could be done is to create a new CQ score spot in the existing one but for a rune chest that the whole alli would get.

I am talking about putting it as the 5th prize chest, buddy
I’m not talking about making any comparison

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Keenflare is a company that needs income, like any other one. You can’t expect them to give away almost everything for free, just because players think it’s a nice gesture.

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shut up!! players need good items

Excuse me? Who are you to write things like that. Players get enough good stuff, it only needs time. Invest time and energy, then you get good stuff, no need to give it away for free.

Don’t talk like a rookie, go to the park and make a sand castle

not everyone plays this game with father money like you
also no one asked for anything from you

If you want to tell everyone your opinion in the game, open a subject and tell it there.

we spend enough time and money for the game.
you don’t know this and you are making accusations
don’t talk like noob

I am a cash free player, worked hard for it. that works better than wanting almost everything for free. Keenflare is a company and can’t live from air only. They can’t give everything away for free, some players need to spend cash to pay their salary.

Working hard for it by playing works much better than expecting to get a lot of stuff for free. If I wanted I could indeed spend a lot of cash for it, but where is the fun in doing so? Accomplishing it by yourself by hard work is more fun.

Remember we don’t need everything immediately, set yourself milestones that are realistic, then you have something to work towards.

It’s a forum, where people share their thoughts, so it’s not polite to say not to reply.

If you want to accomplish things and grow, it either costs cash or a lot of energy plus time. I almost play this gamefor 6 years now. At the start there were no rewards, no cof, no free stuff like now. It was everyone for himself. When you left gold, you could expect it to be robbed.

I agree that newcomers need some help/advantage, but in fact that is already given. At what conquest tier you play? Top 4? I play in top tier and rewards there are more than fine. We get guardian chests, pal chests, gem chests plus pro chests there, 4 of them each. That is more than enough, none of those should be replaced. And now even you ask to put additional rune chests in there? That’s being greedy, no more no less.

If you want more runes, unlock more rune slots or do more daily raids, there will be a dozen of them you can find as hidden treasure. I can tell you a secret, you actually don’t need all those runes, since you will run short on pearls fast and even a max blacksmith with all slots unlocked will not be able to provide you enough pearls to upgrade the runes to level 3+ at a fast rate.

Players who don’t have offense/defense maxed should focus on other stuff first, unlock all blacksmith slots, so save your gems and unlock them during discounts. Then make stuff forgeable and for that you need gold. When stuff is forgeable, you need pearls and a lot of them. Believe me you should focus on just a few objects first, you won’t have enough pearls to forge everything.

When objects are forgeable plus maxed plus forged quite some times, then and only then you should think on starting to rune objects. And when you already came short on pearls for forges, then imagine that you need much more pearls to even start to apply runes. Applying runes you don’t do with level 1-2 runes.

So please tell me, why you even want additional rune chests at conquest? Work hard, unlock rune slots and you will have more than enough runes.

Like I explained, problem is similar like with upgrading guardians that need pearls, we simply are running short of pearls, problem is that melting down items and convert them to pearls even with maxed blacksmith is almost an unrealistic goal. We also need to save pearls for a couple of weeks (read: stop forging objects during that time) before we for example can upgrade a guardian with 50k+ pearls.

So can we expect a topic then to add additional pearl chests during conquest? Oh, those you get on conquest tier 5 and lower, I almost forgot that. Evenv participation on ninja event and pro leaguewon’t give you the pearls you need for applying runes.

As I said, you speak without knowing
all items in my account are fully open
Why wouldn’t I want the 5th chest? In the rewards section, there are all the chests we won in the game, then Run chests were added to the game. I want the rewards to be updated accordingly. It is a normal request. I couldn’t understand why you are so uncomfortable.

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I have been playing since I first came out. I don’t need to learn from you anyway. You are one of those who don’t even know what you want to write and tell here.

I will not write blank lines like this, for me, a deficiency is not a relative deficiency for you.
it’s such a simple thing for me, no need to write a novel.

You already get the conquest reward once a month, it is obvious that you are not related to the game.

bayrak diregi koy volkan ugraĹźma ban yesin

Everyone, please calm down.
For flare, it is necessary to prepare both “candy and whip that users want to taste”.
I’m waiting for a service that is fun and willing to open my wallet.
We are waiting for the opportunity to use gem happily.
Even if you have accumulated hundreds of thousands of gems until the end of the game without any service, I do not enjoy anything.
Reviewing rewards as needs increase is a “candy” that gives users from flares.
That’s not all. But it’s important to give it a bigger audience.

Players who want to be stronger or want to spend comfortably need to be able to buy in cash.
Core fans are willing to support them. Give the SS a special reward, and the flare is generous, as it can be a title, a crown, or a special rune.

yeah volkan35 is right!!

We already got rune chests added to war season. So they already are giving some rune chests as rewards.

Fact is, be patient, flare staff definitely sooner or later might decide to add rune chests as rewards to conquest. They just won’t give away this source of income for free that fast. Maybe they will give rune chest(s) away for skulls scored during conquest, but that’s up to them when or if they will do it.

With all respect, a hero level 96 should be busy with maxing and forging stuff, applying runes comes much later in the process. Sure you can apply runes already, but for that you first need to forge objects twice and 30/75 times to unlock second rune slot, when you apply runes. And regarding items, you will find out that current items will become obsolete as soon as you level up more. So applying runes there will be not smart.

If you don’t agree with someone, then still you should realize what a forum means. It’s not a place to insult people that don’t share your thoughts.