Conquest wars energy costs

Madlen, may we know what’s the formula behind the Conquest wars energy costs please?

I’m not entirely sure if it’s just about the number of Attacker/Defender players…

But I think more people would like to know how it works out :slightly_smiling_face:


Heyyyy :rr2advisornod:,
I will try to get some answers :rr2zombiedance:.
Thanks for the inquiry!

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Hi there :rr2advisorhappy:,
This is the formula (of course as always subject to change). I think you can use it to make another calculator :slight_smile: if you want:

You will need the “Total attack rating” and “Total defense rating”, which is only visible once you start a War in Conquest, and need to pay attention to if the “Energy costs: War” discount tech tree - tech was researched.

Attack costs for Attacker:
(16+16 * (Defense Rating / Attack Rating)) * (1- Discount from Tech Tree "Energy costs: War")
Attack costs for Defender:
(16+16 * (Attack rating / Defense Rating)) * (1- Discount from Tech Tree "Energy costs: War")

The resulting costs are capped at the max. energy (currently: 500).

Hope this helps,
Enjoy fighting. :crossed_swords:


Wow, that’s some really cool formulas right there Madlen!

Indeed, I could probably use these formulas on the Calculator I did.

I’ll give it a thought, thank you very much! :rr2ninja:

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Hi, I’m defending in this war right now:

  • 4 defenders (I’m one of them)
  • 20 attackers
  • no hero techs
  • tech energy costs: war (-20%)

Each attack costs 47 energy.
According to the formula you provided, shouldn’t it be higher? Can you double check these formulas?

Double-checked and corrected in the entire topic. Thanks!


In this actual example from the last Conquest:
Hero defense rating = 75 x 4 = 300
Hero attack rating = 75 x 20 = 1500

New energy formula (defense) = (16+16 x (1500/300)) x (1-0.20) = 76.8 energy

In the last CQ the actual in game cost for defenders was 47 energy.
It still doesn’t match. Do you know why?


According to the new formula provided, each battle should cost 40 for the attackers, yet it costs 35 in game.
Madlen can you check the formula again?

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I can confirm this isn’t giving the exact same result as in-game after testing this with my fight, but also Arrebimba’s fight.

Here’s the simulation data, from his fight on the Wikia Calculator. Which is giving a result of 40 energy per attack, instead of 35 as he’s shown up:

Sorry for insisting… but could you ask this to the devs again @Madlen? :grimacing:

Thanks in advance :pray:


Madlen can you update on this?
The formula provided does not match with the actual in game energy costs.

Hi there guys,
Okay, I will check. :open_book:

@ARREBIMBA @ShadowsGuardian
I updated it. Hope it works now again.

Now the energy per attack matches with the situation I presented in the post above on August 3rd.

I think it works now! Thanks

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