Conquest wars energy costs

Madlen, may we know what’s the formula behind the Conquest wars energy costs please?

I’m not entirely sure if it’s just about the number of Attacker/Defender players…

But I think more people would like to know how it works out :slightly_smiling_face:

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Heyyyy :rr2advisornod:,
I will try to get some answers :rr2zombiedance:.
Thanks for the inquiry!

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Hi there :rr2advisorhappy:,
This is the formula (of course as always subject to change). I think you can use it to make another calculator :slight_smile: if you want:

You will need the Hero attack rating and Hero defense rating, which is only visible once you start a War in Conquest, and need to pay attention to if the “Energy costs: War” discount tech tree - tech was researched.

Attack costs for Attacker:
(32 * (Hero Defense Rating / Hero Attack Rating)) * (1- Discount from Tech Tree "Energy costs: War")
Attack costs for Defender:
(32 * (Hero Attack rating / Hero Defense Rating)) * (1- Discount from Tech Tree "Energy costs: War")

The resulting costs are capped at the max. energy (currently: 500).

Hope this helps,
Enjoy fighting. :crossed_swords:


Wow, that’s some really cool formulas right there Madlen!

Indeed, I could probably use these formulas on the Calculator I did.

I’ll give it a thought, thank you very much! :rr2ninja:

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