[Conquest] - Yggdrasil reward

Following the discussion about Yggdrasil being rewarding or not:

Right now, the special tile “Yggdrasil” is giving +20 extra points.

This may be good or not depending on the tier we’re playing at.

For my tier which is 125, this is a good value, but for tiers above it’s a bit unrewarding.

I think this tile extra points should be scalable, according to the tier.

So my suggestion is to make it give 20% (more or less) of the total score.

For example: tier125=20 points, tier175=35 points, tier225=50 points, etc…


At least this sounds rewarding, while not being exaggerated at all . What do you think? :slight_smile:

Suggestion: Add a research option, so that otherwise unproductive special tiles (Yggdrasil, Windmill, …) will generate resources when that research option has completed. E.g., Yggdrasil could then produce Wisdom, etc. That would it make more important to capture those tiles, and also needs planning and coordination in research to get full effect from those tiles.