I am confusing myself to the organizers of the game to take a position on the current conquest, as it is possible that we were joined by three alliances from one country, which concluded the agreement which we have a chance for any better result. Please take a position because this is the next time when we are in the conquest of alliances from Germany in the example of our alliance PL …

Sometimes it happens. I would be more worried that they make the matching algorithm better or ways to prevent alliances than Flare try to also sort out countries of origin.

I agree.  Matchmaking needs to be reviewed but country and language should not be one of the factors. 
We have had matchups with two or more with the same language,  it seemed like they were perhaps ganging up on us but frankly, it seems that way in every conquest.   We are all after the same resources.    These are placed in a way to cause conflict on at least two sides of the map.   


Yep, matchmaker in conquest still sucks

Especially when weaker alliances (ranked 100+ ) gets to strong opponents (top 20)

Haha ha.It is so ironic when someone from “weaker” alliance complaints on matchmaking,when same person and his bunch gagn up with 2 “stronger” teams against unfortunate 3rd strong team.

Everything about conquest is about deals between teams.

Personal messages should be disabled during this event.

Agree 100%!!!He should be happy that they were not 4th place,because their conspiracy gave them good result. So pity…