We need to have a toggle for the alliance member and/or general who choose to voluntarily not participate in any conquest active.  This will also exclude them from having any prizes from that conquest.  If not this feature then we need a feature that prevents inactive alliance members from getting loot from any conquest.  Inactivity is relative, but it should be a minimum of a person never leaving the HQ of the conquest.   This creates an unfair environment for active players in an alliance doing a conquest.

You already have the tools in the game to do it yourself. You can either kick them if you can’t tolerate inactivity, or let them be if you choose not to lose members.


If you tolerate them being inactive in conquest because you do not want to lose members, then that’s your decision. Whether they get rewards or not will not bring any negative impact to your team. If you think that it affects the morale and sentiment of the team, then once again, exercise your discretion to kick them.