Conquista bug

Hi…i would like to report a problem… my alliance is doing the conquest against an alliance level 80… we are instead level 47…in this way there is not game…it s a lost conquest…se are unable to defeat our enemies

My alliance is: Tana… libera tutti

Ign ambra8

Can you help me? In 24h enemies Will keep  our fortrees…we can loose our chests? Please answer me… 


Hello Ambra8,

thank you for pointing out the issue. We are aware of this problem and looking for a good solution. Unfortunately, it won’t be fixed for this conquest, however, we try our best for the future.


If the matchmaking was really based on the standings in the last conquest (where nobody had a clue what to do gg), this problem will resolve itself with the next conquests. Those who are struggling now will then get much easier opponents and those who have no problems now will probably have them in the next conquest.

Sadly, THIS ONE is a lost conquest, for those who suffer.

Following conquests will have the same issues likes this. Alliances that currently are in the right tier, but end in 4th place will drop a tier. So next conquest, they’ll find themselves in a lower tier where they outrank every other alliance on the map.

Sure, but I think it well rebalance itself. It might take some time, but it will. Lets see, how many fighters quit frustrated before this happens.

edit: Im not defending it, i made about 500 Skulls overall in the last 3 days. gg