Seria conveniente que encima de cada rey o reina pusiera su nombre como con las tropas instantaneas. Ademas , también estaria bien que se pudiera elegir que notificaciones te llegan…por ejemplo que sólo me avisen cuando me estén atacando, gracias ?

Sorry about the massive font, I’ll fix later. For all you English bois

“It would be convenient that above each king or queen put his name as with the instantaneous troops. In addition, it would also be nice to be able to choose which notifications reach you … for example, just let me know when they are attacking me, thanks ?”


@QuantumApocalypse, you know, you can just right click the post and then click “Translate” and it’ll transform the post into English for you, and in a normal size too. Of course, you’re probably on a phone or tablet, but getting around on the forums overall is just a ton easier on a computer

Yeah, I’m not on a computer so I can’t do that lol