Is this possible ??? 3 vs 1 is not very honorable, should something be done about it ???

Yep, perfectly possible, just the way 2v1 is. And so far, I believe, the stance on such things is that it is an intentional feature promulgating cooperation between alliances, hence no change is intended.

You are complaining against 3vs 1 .? Your team GOW also did 3 on 1 with other teams back in old days … 

How did that 3 snake alliance manage to travel towards their other side of the map in a short amount of time?

So the blue alliance gave their islands to the 3 snake alliance for the purpose of 3 vs 1? Seriously? Teams do that?

Cooperation meaning gangbang 1 alliance.

But on a serious note, the developers really do not have any intention of trying to stop this kind of behaviour?

@Sharknado bro this game is more then just a game we have to apply policy and involve politics in war… You think teams reaches at top by doing 1on 1.?? Strongest team like SS and GOW (the one you can see In picture facing 3vs1) they too do 3 vs1 on weaker alliances and stays on top… 

…We got to that topic in the last attack … Because they did it against, but never missing more than the half of the war … That’s why it gives us what to think


So there will be alliances who will give their islands to other alliances just so they can cross over the map and attack a particular alliance?

True… When you have to break a alliance stronger then yours Take some help what’s wrong on that… Everything is fair in war. 

I see. Makes sense.

Mucho sentido… Solo queria tener evidencia… Gracias x participar



That also do not agree completely with that subject in Fg


Went to google translate.

Re: You’re welcome, 2 vs 1 and 3 vs 1 becomes common on top 50 alliances.

2 vs 1 is normal … 3 vs 1 is normal in the last hours (2 attacks maximum) … What is surprising is that missing 1 day and a half and have the 3 on … … Well it’s something to think …


Good to continue with the war … jaume jaume jaume !!!

in my opinion there is no Honor to fight like that, in fact more than a fight is an aggression

Well it has been happening for months now I presume and it has not been looked upon by the developers so I guess they don’t really mind it. Me personally I have not come upon 3 vs 1, only 2 vs 1.

in fact 2 against 1 happens when there is a much stronger alliance and the neighbors decide to attack the alliance that remains, instead 3 vs1 is a planned aggression without honor.Preventing these things would increase fairness