Constant crashing......(HELP)

I am trying to compete in the war but I am suffering with constant crashes regardless of whether I use the guardian. I raided one players base and the game completely shutdown on the last two towers in the courtyard both times but has also happened multiple times on other bases. 

This morning 3/4 raids crashed and on the last one I tried the in game video hoping it would send the copy up to the crash but unfortunately it didn’t and just crashed.


I appreciate the gems they gave us for the other problems but this is sending me crazy with frustration and I cannot understand adding a new feature like the guardian with a festive break approaching leaving players stuck losing fights in wars, festivals and pro leagues.

RR2 has been dancing on the edge of an abyss for some time and rather than coming up with ideas to save the game you are kicking it straight into the depths.

I updated the game on Saturday and checked after and there weren’t anymore updates but when i checked back this morning there was an update dated 19/12/2018 so I have updated and so far all seems good.???


So your problem is sorted? 

Seems like it. Probably updated to 4.4.3 with all the bug fixes

It is sorted, I updated on Saturday and then despite refreshing the App Store it did not show anymore updates. I wrongly presumed that I had the final update as others were still experiencing problems.

I was going to delete the post but thought I would leave it rather than deleting something that’s makes me look like an *****(this is not a swear word)? ,just  on the off chance that others had missed the multiple updates.

Happy to hear :slight_smile:

As your probelm solved i am locking this thread. 

You are right deleting things are not always a good idea  :grinning: