Constant GD Section Post Request-

I just went to the General Discussion Section and saw over 40 posts from the same member about the same nonsense from Aghore.


I realize I posted this twice but he went right over my post so could someone do something about it; it’s taking up the forum section.

Also in the old Forum there were those f*****g spammers, but still they do nothing against them. As they told to me they have to contact directly the provider of the servers to do something and put some of “blacklist”.

I think is this IP board they rent out the server.

  1. Click your forum name in the top right corner.

  2. .Click “My Profile”

  3. Click “Edit My Profile” to the right

  4. Click “‘Ignore’ Preferences”

  5. Add the person’s name in there. 

  6. Check all three boxes to the right  Ignore:    Posts     Signature     Messages

  7. Click “Save Changes”

Joekee I appreciate the effort to be a moderator but it was a request to ban the person and he was banned after making 80 posts and bumping everyone else’s down. 

A note that there is a new spammer in the Dawn of Steel section, same post so same person his name is paterjan or something like that.

I have an improvement in my list to have a bot verification system (type in the captcha characters) to post to the forums. This is common practice and keeps bots, like the one banned, from filling all of our notifications with male enhancement pill advertisements.