Constant Post Request-

Okay I just went on to General Discussion and saw a bunch of the same or similar nonsense posts by Aghore, could someone regulate him by suspending the posts and closing them because they’ve completely taken up this section of the forums.

I have this on the recommend list:


·         Stop the spam on the forum. Wake up each morning to 75 – 200 notifications. Create a verification text to be able to post on the forum.



Can moderators do this or does it have to be an administrator?

They continuosly create account a make thousand of post seems impossible to block them =/

Then the verification text would be good idea, right, because it a bot doing it.

A note that there is a new spammer in the Dawn of Steel forum, same post so same name, his name is paterjan or something like that so.

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Started by hutio2, Today, 12:33 AM 


That would be a bot, all the more reason we need captcha or something similiar to allow people to post any messages anywhere.

Hey guys, 


Do I understand correctly that these spammers also send you private messages?


We are currently working on this problem and hope to get rid of these spammers very soon.


Please don’t hesitate to report any action of them so that we can take appropriate actions.



I have not recieved any private messages. I just recieve the many notiications that I have to sift through to get to the real content. I monitor all forums to try and help out as much as I can.


Do you have this feature intergrated into the forum software? Can you implement it so these annoyance do not occur?