constent freezing..

THE CHARACTER EQUIP SCREEN FREEZES UPON TOUCH AND STAYS FROZEN TILL THE GAME IS RESTARTED,and is repeated after restarting hence the equip screen is unavailable,2nd chest screen is as same as the equipment it freezes as i get a equipment from those 3star raid keys. Can someone please fix this?

The game is over all awesome just fix thid minor bug pleasee.

Hello sobu,

Can you please get in touch with the supportabout it, and let them know since when does it happen, and if it is related to one hero in particular?

Sorry for the troubles.

Hey  alysea,

No i am guessing there are equipments without images and names that seeming to be freezing my game,i got a few normal ones and noticed my game didn’t froze when i got them but when i get the other ones or go into the character equipment screen (where those unammed items are) my screen freezes again.

Can you please let me know your exact ingame username?