constructive ninja feedback

Hi guys, I know that bugs and lack of info ruined your ninja experience,. I felt it too, but lets cool our heads down and try to think what good and what bad there was in the design of that event. Maybe we will see some of your ideas implemented.

I didn’t like the how the scoring, prize and the whole ladder thing was done. In my tier there were like 20 guys with the highest score (315k) and the next guy who must have missed some tower and had over 314k was on the pathetic 20 something place. if you missed a island and some cof maybe you ended up 50+. It feels to me like the gap is too narrow. I mean if the game didn’t crash for me I would probably have max score too and I can see 80% of the players getting max in the bug-free, perfect net conditions. That kinda kills the competitive aspect of the game and leaves all to pure luck (game or net nor crashing). 

Also the prize difference for first and lower places is so hudge. The 6 uber chests compared to whatever number non-uberchest is like galaxy away to me. I only keep uber items any more. All others go to melting. So missing one tower in whole event will take me from 6 to 0 rapidly.

Anyway,  I think it is cool that devs introduce new things to the game. They are not always perfect but hopefully, with our help, they will be  :).


As I said in the other threads, I don’t think the devs (or Jan, given his previous comments on the forum) understand that a lot of people will end up with perfect scores (gemming as necessary), making it frustrating for the free players, or those who make one mistake, they have an idea that moments of skill, or insta-troops matter, when really they don’t, and the ninja event just magnifies this even more.  Skull perk is similar, it’s all that matters at the top level, a level 95 king with 24% skull perk is much more valuable than a level 130 king with a fully upgraded base and 15% skull perk, the differences are in the couple of %, and players work towards that, rather than some fun free for all where anything can happen.

Unfortunately, I must agree with you. All this things take away the skill factor (as little as it ever was) from this game. And the ninja event felt like another example of that. No skils needed, just grinding.

My head has cooled some, I feel they need to do away with the leaderboard. Go by score alone, Flare will still get a lot of gems by the speed ups. Maybe even lower the prices to be  more in line with a lot of perfect scores. The event will also get boring fast. Flare need to work on how to keep it interesting.

I’m pretty sure most players were expecting some kind of skill involved with the Ninja event, Unfortunately it’s all luck or gem spending.  But to keep on topic here’s a few constructive ideas:

  • Change the Portal to a town structure that you can level up.  The Portal now transports “Wind” from our side to the other side. The Portal could hold enough “Wind” to move the King through 3-4 islands.  And it would take 12 hours for the portal to fully refill.  Exact amounts of “Wind” would all depend on Portal levels, if Islands give bonus “Wind”, if retrying Islands costs “Wind” again.   Of course the Portal could be refilled using Gems.
  • Increase the difficulty slightly.  This would go with the above that you could re-try Islands and still be able to finish all 30.  Of course re-tries would NOT give more coins than 100%.  CoF is only with 100%.
  • Apply a modifier to CoF and/or regular Coins, -10% for each use of an Insta-Troop, -10% for each Scroll used, +20% for not summoning any troops (reduce this by 5 for each type of troops summoned, reduce by 5 more if any of the troops were boosted).   Possibly involve Spells, but I’m not sure how.  
  • Rewards; instead of based on the position on the leader board, base it on Coins earned.   Then give a bit extra for top positions.