Maybe, with three weeks of break, it was appropriate to do a contest that encouraged to play! maybe something about the conquest of islands, instead of the defeat of zeus and ade that has committed at most 20 minutes of time.

We are still on time!! ?


Also good to remember that 20 minutes for you does not mean 20 minutes for a level 80 player struggling with both gods without any war buffs. It is more of a week full of planning, rebuilding and excruciatingly slow tests in an attempt to squeeze out as many gems as possible.

Plus, out of curiosity, mind describing a kind of contest that you would like to see? 

These contests are just free gems to high lvl players, low lvl bases can’t defeat Zeus/ and certainly not Hades.  I guess it’s better than nothing though.

Zeus is hard to kill after the recent buff, but if you watch the videos from the recent contest I think you should be able to find some good ideas for ways to kill Hades.

and I’d actually argue that zeus might be slightly easier for lower level players depending on your masteries. He’s difficult but not impossible 

I think it’s better than nothing, of course! But finding something to stimulate competition among players was not bad, do not you think? for example a race with a point for each island conquered, trivially, with prizes (titans? gems? anything?) even less relevant, just for fun!

That’s a cool idea to try sometime!

Guess we can agree Mani would be first, Aly second and Pouria third then

I think may be surprises! There are a lot of really active players in the back

It could be set up in brackets by level. Higher level players have an advantage because they have more ambrosia, but it would be cool to see the hardest grinding player under level 50, for example. The powerhouse alliances would all have their scouts watching!

All busy planning and rebuilding? ??


I quote my idea…what else reason to attack in map? ???‍♂️

Wake up guys, it’s really BORING!!!

Well, I did have some things to forge… oh well