Continuous disconnections: another war season to forget offered to you by Failgames

What are you reading for? Is the title not clear enough?? What you can do is report your experience below, so Failgames can ignore it.

do not  duplicate topics

There isn’t even one topic stickied by Flare staff anywhere, so stop screaming at the poor guy. Until they acknowledge and either consolidate all topics into one or choose one to stick, and reply in it, no amount of topics about the same issue is too few.

Actually there was a topic on this issue but it disappeared soon after Archimedes gave us an answer. I have a screenshot. Here it is


Btw…it was a wonderful community week. 

After a fantastic week.  What a horrible end.  This issue is absolutely not fixed at all.   How can we keep putting tickets.   It is just not fixed.    Disconnected 3 times in 3 minutes.  My pro ticket is wasted

His response is right here in the Bug Forum. It probably just got merged:


I just accomplished 5 battles.  That’s right, read it and weep: FIVE

I suspect a massive treasure chest award is in the making for me.  

24 hours ago we have connection problems because of bad Rr2 server. We have a war going on. continuous disconnections cause many battles to be lost. Honestly, the desire to enter the game is passing

Same thing here - got up early again today to try server when it was quiet but the disconnection issues are even worse. Have been a daily RR2 player for the last 4 years and this is the 1st time that I have found the game to be unplayable. losing trophies and wasting gems at the moment. There will need to e a compensation offering from Flare as they have definitely failed to deliver a decent product during this war season.

Its really make my upset.


Hey ich hab denn Namen “Failgames” gegeben ?. PS: Failgames please fix the Problem. I can’t help my Alliance 

Weeks ago apoc and roaring announced they would leave the game if no important changes come in the game.  I don’t know if it is coincident, but it is strange, when the date come closer, we got this connection problems.  Or is this the changes they are asking ?

And version 4 hasn’t arrived yet.

Wondering what compensation they will do.  Compensate is one thing, but they are loosing credibility by so long it takes to solve the problem.

Will they give everyone all warboosts ?  Than we may hope every war we got disconnection problems.  

I don’t care that Flaregames gives all war boosts to everyone.

Do you think there will be version4 ?  If it takes so long to fix this, would they dare release version4 ? 

This war is definitely broken! I’ve had disconnected every now and then! So frustrating! Flare must forfeit this season! 

But all the lost time and other things we lost by this problems.  It takes now 2x time as normal.  You can say 2x pleasure.  But i have also other things to do?. We are in warseason, so people won’t let down their ally and try and try and try.  But some lost lot with this

Vl did 241 k, usually we doing better, like 244. But this crushes are here, even if they are not with everyone