Control Gate Keeper

Hello @CaptainMorgan , Is it possible to control gk with the helen beauty,
I know that this idea will not be like

It is a good idea, will certainly turn Helen into a gk killer or tamer!

But i think FG should reconsider the stats of GK and should patch up area damge bug where high amount of area damage and Damage reflection kills unit in few split second.

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It only works on units, and correct me if I’m wrong, but the gatekeeper acts as a structure, so the power wouldn’t make much sense if it worked on GK. It would be good to see her power work on it maybe for a short duration, but I don’t know if the GK falls into the structure class, which could impact how all structures respond to her beauty ability.

Part of Helen’s problem is when the units return to enemy control, even if you cast Helen’s beauty over the same unit 1s before the full duration has finished. At that point the timer should reset the control you have over them, then at least you could gather a more coherent ‘army’ of troops in a use able way . Either that or do away with the duration of the control all together.

Maybe by casting her power over the GK there is a chance to lower it’s defensive capability but I think the dynamic of total control of a GK would be difficult to manage as it forms part of the structure you need to destroy.

Helen should charm towers and they should hop along after her for a bit.


The chaos of Helen unleashed! Even the barricades will turn and spear the reinforcements.

This should seriously be considered for Helen. Unit and tower control. Nerf the chance of control and shorten the duration. Also, let the GK have a chance to turn around and take a few whacks at his own gate. Even King Kong fell in love with Ann Darrow.

Artemis and Athena may not be interested GKs

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