Control on odyssey

#control on your odyssey buff or need urgent caps at some points

This Game OR is going no where but borring, from bad to worst, selfish distribution of blessing / privilege only to selected top teams, giving gems like rain in the roof top only to top teams, unlimited untouchable tough competition for low rank teams/ players.

I am asking why you " OR game developers" only listen and giving luxury privilege only to selected top players. Lower players level have no value in this game or what?

Why some players are having unbreakable nyx? Some of them having odyssey buffed so high they make everytime forced me to leave nyx and run for the gate.Is this a joke in this game. Just give a cape in nyx or reduce some percentage, just make this game enjoyable/ fun to play not the headache.

I also suggested same thing last year adamk but developers will not do anything about it ?

Also I have seen a max bonus of 50% on nyxs health, which is just too much?

They must have some kind of data, because they know of this issue… it was raised a few months ago, and they didn’t seem worried about it in their answers. I can’t remember if there is a cap, but to be honest, it works so far. And it seems that high Odyssey buffs/masteries, are going to be the key for the future. Its the only way that people get rewarded for participation, since theoretically everyone at level 150 can make the same items, get the same perks for all heroes.

What puzzles me, is if the offensive vs defensive buffs will hold. It’s usually more defensive things that you get… except units (which are both), the only other offensive buffs you get, are powers, and perhaps a couple of masteries. While defences are almost everything except powers. So the question, if there are no caps… will someone with a defense which concentrates on boosting only towers/barricades/wall be easy to cope with someone who concentrates on powers/units ?

Hats off, if they pull that off…

Developers not worried so why should we?? Spent gems and cry/enjoy(personal favourite option).

lol 50% the base must be imposible to win then. OR need a cap like Royal Revolt 2 have. each unit,spell and defense tower have a cap of +50 each perk for maximum of around +150

so here in Olympus Rising the damage should have a cap of 30% and Health.

at my level 96 I find sometime really very hard base where I need to spend 12-18 gems to win. Probably their barricades,Gate of Apollo and maybe tower are over 10-15% so around level 130-150 I don’t imagine the %. 50-60%

Anyway the damage and health up with Ascension. this feature is already a boost. No need to go over 50%. i am curious to see the amount of gems a base with 50% stuffs can earn?

Here @Warriornator photos are old