Conversion rate for pro crystals?

What is the conversion rate going to be from crystals to gems in v6 rollout? I need to decide if it’s better to hang onto crystals or spend them.



Yes indeed very crucial & logical question…!we have been gathering crystals patiently,we must know the rate to decide if we spend them or keep them…

unless they answer differently I’d expect something similar to the festivals, not much. same kind of currency after all.


I vote for making it a surprise:)

And my advice to donate pals for your alliances

Dear L,

Well… I’ve got a quarter of a million crystals, so even a poor conversion rate could be pretty lucrative.

pax / Ctein

“Surprise” would be the dummest thing. It is far better to make it 10000:1. It will happen only once so it is far better to give players full info to decide what to do with their crystals.

I don’t think the conversion will be good…
Better buy pro chest w/ crystals to gain lots of pearls.

Better donate pqls in your alliance

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If you have that much crystals, you must have spend lots of gems to buy the tickets (or received tickets from someone else who paid for them). So i have no problem with you getting a part of that gem-investment back

Yes very important question…

Dear B,

No, heh, didn’t spend anything for them, they just kinda piled up faster than I could use them from conquest war chests.

What I’ll do with them will depend upon the conversion rate. The max rune slot is very expensive and every bit helps.

pax / Ctein

250 k is nothing if true, you dont need to buy tickets for it. Especially if you are in a good alliance

@Flare. Will u tell us the conversation rate for pro crystals???
Everyone wants to know!

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Not all;)
Its a Saturday now , for whom do you write?

I think the conversion will be 1 gem for 100k crystals. :grin:

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Dear Florin,


No, let’s make it an even 1 gem per megacrystal!

(Seriously, though, I do hope Flare gives us a real heads-up before the conversion date, so we can plan our resource allocation.)

pax / Ctein

Dear Honest Players,

I suggest you should all use your pro crystals to buy goodies from the shop… If you let FG convert your crystals to gems, I assure you you’ll be very very very much disappointed by the conversion ratio… Wait till 25th March, and spend all your crystals on 25th March, before the shop closes (i.e. 30th March)…


  1. Chloris Ring
  2. Skull Perked Gears
  3. Celestial Pals
  4. Pro Landscape (just for the collection)
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The conversion rate was already disclosed in the last festival. And yes, it is disappointing.

Dear Thomas,

Which was what, precisely?

pax / Ctein

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In last festival you could buy pro items for festival currency. Compare pro item price in pro shop in crystals with price in festival currency, and you know the conversion rate of crystals -> festival currency. And we also know the conversion rate of festival currency -> gems.

10 crystals = 1 festival currency
42 festival currency = 1 gem
==> 420 crystals = 1 gem

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