Conversion rate for pro crystals?

Dear Thomas,


Now, hopefully, someone official will confirm (or refute) your analysis.

pax / Ctein


420 crystals to 1 gem sounds fair.

Players who cheated but got away with cheating and hoarded 2 million plus crystals will then get about 5k gems, which is still a lot considering what they have done.

I vote for this.

Lol, a phoebe is only worth 48 gems at that rate… and nemesis 358 :joy:

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@Lacuna u cant once more do the worst for lawful players to control the benefit the cheaters will have…that rate is offensive for the huge majority of players that keep their crystals which have very hardly earn…nemesis for 358 gems?? What a robbery! And for what,?for 50 cheaters who not only cheated & got our places & rewards,but now with Flares eulogies will rob our crystals too…lets be serious and fair, Flare first of all

Crystal should not even be convert in gems… they are meant to be use on item, chest, pals… so use them as they should be not to generate gems…


That’s where I disagree.

When legit players have crystals they can buy pro chests.

When cheaters hoard crystals with their multi accounts, and it’s gone too far to reverse this effect, the closing of pro league will force them to gain the minimum as cheaters. This is because cheaters don’t care about getting those extra pro items to melt or get those extra pearls.

For all legit players, the best thing is to just buy all pro chests with crystals.

On the other hand, let’s see all cheaters have their cheated rewards get flushed out.

On the other hand,why wouldn’t we lawful players benefit the most of that huge change of stopping pro League from one day to another??& If buying pro chests would be the best way of spending the crystals like u say,why most have a serious amount of them & didn’t spend them? everyone expected something special,so the non awaited end of Pro should award at least something to most they didn’t want or expected it…

I can see a logic to ur view with cheaters benefiting,but the weakness of Flare who can’t deal with cheaters condems once more the huge majority of rr2 players and thats not fair & nice at all

People with Multi accounts will benefit the most from the crystals to gems conversion.

I somehow feel, instead of converting crystals to gems, let people buy Pro Items /Pro pal / Pro landscape. That will stop player with multi accounts to gain undue advantage over others.

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Dear R,

So what fraction of RR players cheat? Does anybody know? My impression was it was a very small fraction. And, frankly, other than being ethically offended, I can’t see how it affects my gameplay. Consequently, I’m not interested in being penalized/restricted because of an advantage given to a minuscule fraction of players. Why should 99% of us suffer because 1% would get an advantage.

Possibly you are fine with spending your crystals on Pro items. Me, I’ve got all the Pro items I can use. Gems are a lot harder to come by. Even at a lousy conversion rate, I’d rather get gems.

Which, it seems, is what’s going to happen. Flare has announced the path forward. I’m only interested in finding out what the conversion rate really will be so I can decide whether I want the gems or a bunch of chests of stuff that I’ll smelt for pearls.

pax / Ctein


The reasoning to look at everything from the standpoint of cheaters is a bit like putting the whole population in prison because 1 criminal robbed the bank…

Even if double accounts would get some gems on their secondary accounts, so what… They can’t transfer those to their main anyway

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Yea but then they can give ressources to alliances.
As every multiacc does…

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well, they can donate pets too if they buy pro-pets. What’s the difference?

yeah, real big deal if they do so… As if they have not already been doing so… Honestly, nothing changes… Compensating a little will make some players happy, while it will bring no greater changes to cheaters whatsoever…

Why pour a glass of water to the needy and watch their face shine, when we can worry about pouring a glass of water in the ocean… Is this a valid logic? Not at all… Just because you can’t stop pouring water on the ocean, doesn’t mean you will also stop pouring water to the needy ones… Better do the right thing by doing both than by doing none…

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Any statement on ratio from FG?

There wasnt and hope will not be

Hope indeed there won’t be any as well. Crystal are meant to buy items, pals and chest from pro shop. Those crystal should only be use as such… (any conversion rate will rewards too much the cheaters)

Dear C & G,

Excuse me, but I’m not a cheater. The vast majority of players are not cheaters. And, anyway, how does knowing the conversion rate help cheaters more than regular players? If you don’t want to make an informed decision, that is fine, but don’t tell the rest of us that we shouldn’t be able to.

I reiterate my request to Flare – please let us know what the conversion rate will be so we can make INFORMED decisions on how to best use our resources.

You can do what you want with yours-- dictating to the rest of us how we should use ours is inappropriate.

pax / Ctein


My message wasn’t for you or any players as indeed you can do whatever you want with your crystals. My message was intended to fg…
And it’s not about making a inform decision or not, it’s about the initial and intended purpose of the crystals (buying things from pro shop) and to not change that purpose. (hoping the rate will be 1 gem for 100k crystals…)

Dear G,

Since I was the OP who asked for this information from Flare, you saying they shouldn’t provide it really does go to me.

If you want the purpose to be as you say, I’m fine with you asking Flare to make it 1:100K. Or whatever. And then, if I know that, I’ll make my choices accordingly.

Simply declaring I shouldn’t know doesn’t directly accomplish your goal, and it DOES interfere with me making informed decisions.

pax / Ctein

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