Converting Uber items into pro items

Some Uber items are still better than pro items, but it would be nice to have a sense of completion having those items as pro items. Hence, I’d like to suggest for the option to convert Uber items into pro items by spending 10k pro crystals.

p.s would be great too if can spend 20k crystals to convert any pal into a pro pal, i.e pro Tammy with same stats but with +1 pro bonus.

the current item convertion in the game is just a background color change, so what do u mean by “option to convert Uber items into pro items by spending 10k pro crystals”? what would u like to change in the conversion?

sorry but the pal part just makes no sense because a pro tammy is exactly what phoebe is!
and im pretty sure flare already have what they want to be a pro version of all pals, and with real improvements on status and abilities to justify their pro-status not only +1 pro bonus and suggested.

I like the idea to turn uber items into pro items by spending pro crystals. We could have a version of pro bucky or pro kaiser due to that. Also, when it would boost up my current items somewhat, it could be worth to spend crystals on items. 

As long as it’s only items and pals who can be upgraded to pro, I am definitely supporting this idea.

Bump up.

Can someone from Flare confirm to all players of RR2 that in the future, is there ANY possibility of us converting our Uber Item to Pro Item by paying a conversion fee*?

*the conversion fee can be Pro-Crystal as suggested by OP or even gems, up to Flare

This is very important as it will determine whether should we continue to forge existing Uber Item or reserve the pearls and wait for an item with a similar specs in Pro-Shop to appear and buy it.

Please advise. Thanking you in advance!

maybe they will invent a new blacksmith-roulette v2 for this in the future, who knows 

I doubt they’ll do this, unfortunately. If you see a pro item in the shop with similar specs to what you’ve got than you should probably buy it

Unfortunately I don’t like this idea. As you said some pro items are worse than uber items, but their pro-bonuses may make people rethink selling them. This is a good and tactical decision, in my opinion, in the game.