Cooldown of alliance wars

I am confused , if we start a war season and declare war and suppose one of the members doesn’t attack( even once ) after the beginning of war, If he leaves the alliance and joins another , Will he be able to attack in his new alliance?

If your alliance’s generals/leader don’t declare war (even if war season is started) people can fight if they join, instead if you declare war and someone join, he/she has to wait the cooldown period (60h). This is what it has been always but don’t know if this rule is changed with the latest version 1.9.2 or 1.9.1

Is that 60 hours even if they have not fought in any war previously?

And he/she can be attacked?

It depends on declare or not declare a war against another alliance.


Yes, unfortunately.

Is there some tactics going on ready for next war??

What kind ?  :wink:

Seems like very decisive questions to bring up for no reason. Who is going to switch at the last minute or just as it starts to get the upper hand I wonder

We can help our allies, if the war is too tough for us, think before you comment

I did think first plus why my post was correct given what you said (to help allies)

We already have allies … So if our allies alliance is fighting the war , we will leave our main alliance to help themm