cooldown time of spell


Hello everyone


I wanna say about the cooldown time of spell blizzard and bladestorm  in middle of fight.




Both spell are maxed


And cooldown time is 10.69 for blizzard    and    11 for bladestorm


But bladestorm cooled much faster How…  while blizzard charge soo compared to bs… 

This is because the bladestorm spell is lasting 5 seconds, while blizzard is instant.
So after 5 seconds, while bladestorm is in effect, you can recast it after additional
6 seconds. You “feel” to wait only 6 seconds for the next usage, but in reality it is
11 seconds after the initial cast. For blizzard the waiting time is lower (10.69s), but
as the effect is instant, the waiting time is not reduced by the effects duration.

Bottom line: 10.69s > 6s waiting time and blizzard therefore feels slower …


Thanks mogor