Cooldown timer for free 3 hour gold shield

Obviously when you pay for a gold shield, it tells how long till it resets. I would like to see a mini cooldown added for the free version of the 3 hour shield as well. Would help immensely when trying to time your raids. Who’s with me?  :wink:

Um… could I vote “no”?


Just kidding… (but who doesn’t like bacon 

They used to have it back when they releases the free GS update. But then they got rid of it quite quickly I think they thought people would get confused with the 20 gem 3 hour GS or it might have messed up a bit of their code. (similar variables)

lolz i vote best poll ever!

Its almost like voting for Prez in America


your cooldown is 24hours  but u must be raided in order for that to begin.


look at your history then your watch.

pretty easy to figure when its gunna  pop again

I have just opened an account on the forum and my main point was this option. Thanks for the poll, you made it easier for me to tell my opinion about this…